Final Fantasy Fans Divided On Soulslike Final Fantasy Rumors

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Final Fantasy Fans Divided On Soulslike Final Fantasy Rumors

Some may say Final Fantasy has lost its way, at least when it comes to its battle system. No longer can we take a coffee break in the middle of an epic boss battle with Final Fantasy’s old turn-based combat system.

Final Fantasy XI and XII were the first two Final Fantasy titles to experiment with a more live combat-style of gameplay. Afterward, Final Fantasy XIII, XIV, and XV were almost unrecognizable in the sense of old-style Final Fantasy combat. When the old turn-based gameplay faded away, players were already divided. Old-school Final Fantasy fans were not ready to embrace change.

However, money talks, and with the commercial success of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Square Enix knows it’s sitting on a pile of money by taking a different direction with a new Final Fantasy combat system. While nothing is confirmed and only left up to rumor and speculation, Team Ninja (best known for their Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, and Nioh games) is reportedly working on a Final Fantasy Origin project.

What is Final Fantasy Origin?

What is Final Fantasy Origin

As the title implies, rumors going around believe Final Fantasy Origin will look back at the original Final Fantasy title. Unfortunately, there’s never been a remake of the original Final Fantasy title (or at least, not a memorable one). Going back to the original Final Fantasy game also won’t explain the stories for all the Final Fantasy titles as they are only loosely connected.

The idea of a remake of the original Final Fantasy game is great for those who weren’t around to experience it, but fans are currently divided on rumors that it will be a soulslike game.

What Is A Soulslike Game?

Final Fantasy Dark Souls Series Game Scene

The Dark Souls series spawned a genre known as “soulslike” games. These are hack and slash games that are more difficult than normal titles. If you’re a fan of Dark Souls, then you have an idea of how a Final Fantasy title would work within this genre.

Why Are Fans Divided On Final Fantasy Origin Rumors?

Final Fantasy Dark Souls Series Game Scene Battle

Nobody likes change. While change has happened with the Final Fantasy series since the past couple of installments, but the fact that they’re considering a hack and slash soulslike Final Fantasy title means the days of turn-based Final Fantasy games are a thing of the past.

When Will Final Fantasy Origins Release?

Final Fantasy Dark Souls Series Village Clear Moon

Everything surrounding Final Fantasy origins is all circulating around in the rumor mill. Many believe Final Fantasy Origins will release in the Summer, but there is no confirmation. While new Final Fantasy fans who grew up in the new style of combat, the old guard are still holding on to hope that the combat will slow down a little bit.

What are your thoughts on the rumors surrounding Final Fantasy Origins?

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