Far Cry 6

Game Description

Far Cry 6 will carry us to Cuba-inspired tropical island of Yara. There will be an armed coup led by President Antón Castillo, directed by star Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad). And his son Diego is with him.

Anton governs the city entirely, for which he was chosen by popular vote for the return of his glory years. Currently, Yara seems like a community stuck in time, as though in the ’60s.

In this way, the story has changed considerably, since we are going around a large urban globe for the first time, no matter how much purely tropical areas around it. Furthermore, Yara is so brilliant that it encourages unheard of verticality for a Far Cry to visit the interior of buildings on several levels. Although it is not intended to be outdoor parkour to the Sun, it would increase the player’s adrenaline despite recent deliveries.

The whole town of Yara is under Anton ‘s rule. His triumphant does not mean that all people favor his cruel form of being. Still, he assured people as a democrat that they would rebound economically and profit from his public goodwill.

We can see what he did for his son Diego during a rebellion, handing him a grenade to determine whether to carry it off a roof to the ones below.

This vision of heaven in Yara is the most horrible, and Antón does not seem to care what people think about him now, as he has a strong army that can think twice. In the position of Dani Rojas, we will follow a Yara citizen who is reluctant to ‘rebuild’ paradise with the blood of the innocent.