Far Cry 6 confirmed for 4K on PS5 and PS4 Pro

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Far Cry 6 confirmed for 4K on PS5 and PS4 Pro
Far Cry 6 confirmed for 4K on PS5 and PS4 Pro

With the recent introduction of Far Cry 6, Ubisoft is proving that it doesn’t want to slow down one of its star sagas today, as it is lately trying to become an annual franchise. Besides, with this sixth chapter, you will delve into the next generation of consoles.

This video game will be playable in 4K, taking advantage of the launch of the PS5 at the end of the year. It was also announced by Ubisoft, who reported that this new title would arrive in 4K for PS5 and PS4 Pro.

“To make it clear, Far Cry 6 will be available in 4K on PS5, PC, as well as PS4 Pro,” they announced on Ubisoft. “We will share more details later,” they explained.

While only two cinematics and screenshots of the game in action, the French company has released enough information. It gives us more ideas about what awaits us at its launch in 2021.

Far Cry 6 story, setting, and characters

Far Cry 6 will take us to the tropical island of Yara, inspired by Cuba. There a military revolution takes place in charge of President Antón Castillo, played by actor Giancarlo Esposito ( Breaking Bad ). And with him is his son Diego.

Anton has full control over the city. He was chosen by popular vote to resume his glory years. And is that today, Yara seems a city frozen in time as if it were in the 60s.

In this sense, there is an essential change for the saga. It is the first time that we will move around a massive urban map, no matter how much there are strictly tropical areas around it. Plus, Yara becomes so large fosters unheard-of verticality for a Far Cry in exploring building interiors across multiple floors. And to be seen whether improved climbing, although not expected to be parkour to the Dying Light for outdoor use, despite the last deliveries would improve the grips on edges.

Be that as it may, the entire city of Yara is under the rule of Anton. And that he was victorious does not mean that all people are in favor of his ruthless way of being. As a politician, he promised them an economic recovery and took advantage of the good faith of his public, who now cannot back down. There is more to see what he did with his son Diego.

This idea of ​​paradise in Yara is most horrible, and it does not seem that Anton is going to care what people think about him now since he has a militia powerful enough to think twice. And that is where we will enter, in the role of Dani Rojas, an inhabitant of Yara who is not willing to “rebuild” paradise with the blood of innocents.

On this occasion, Dani Rojas may be a man (with the voice of Sean Rey) or a woman (with the voice of Nisa Gunduz). Although the gender of the protagonist will not matter for the revolution against Anton.

It wouldn’t be that far-fetched compared to the shocking finale of Far Cry 5 and that direct sequel called Far Cry: New Dawn, either. Besides, Vaas Montenegro is the best villain of the saga, and there is a desire to know his past.

Lots of action, very diverse tanks and allies

Theories aside, Far Cry 6 will continue to be a Far Cry. Ubisoft could not have chosen a better location than a place so tropical. It is because the place is the most representative of this saga with more than 15 years of history. He will drink from what was seen in the last series with that forceful surprise in the form of tanks by the army of Antón. And yes, you will also have helicopters armed to the teeth.

Our revolution will start from the bottom, having to look for allies to join the cause and that we have more guarantees of success. The most adorable (yes, adorable part) we will be able to recruit Chorizo. It is a wheelchair puppy that, in the words of Ubisoft Toronto, “can literally kill with how beautiful it is.” It will be a video game that mixes fun, humor, and a pinch of terror.

Of course, there will be a good arsenal of weapons at our disposal, among which we have wanted to highlight “El Tostador.” It is a homemade flamethrower that will come in handy to scorch enemies. It will not be the only weapon that has a certain handmade aspect. Of course, we can come across others, such as an always capable assault rifle with a more professional perspective. The fact is that there will be a lot of variety.

And what about transportation or other allies? In one of the screenshots of the editions announced by Ubisoft, more than a dozen characters are glimpsed. It does not include Chorizo ​​and the most colorful rooster. At the transport level, there will be no lack of cars and even horses, if you prefer something more natural. As for Antón, apart from tanks and helicopters, light aircraft have also been shown, as in the  Far Cry 5. So, transport will be varied too.

On the other hand, a detail revealed by Ubisoft a few days ago has to do with dubbing, where it will have other voices for its Spanish version. It will make the experience more reliable and realistic when in Cuba. All the texts, on the other hand, will be localized to Spanish.

Release date, editions, platforms and price

Far Cry 6 will be an intergenerational game, with its release scheduled for February 18, 2021. It will be available on current consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and its successors (PS5 and Xbox Series X; at no extra cost ), apart from PC (Epic Games Store and Uplay) and Stadia.

Apart from that incentive at no additional cost on future consoles, for now, only PC, PS4, and Xbox One editions can be reserved in a few stores. However, the Ubisoft Store has the exclusivity of its collector’s edition for $199. The gold edition, however, costs only $109.99 on Amazon

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  1. Far Cry 6 is looking goooood. I really like the setting and the trailer was gorgeous. That homemade flamethrower, El Tostador, sounds really cool as well, I can’t wait to try it. I’ve already pro-ordered it for my PS4, and I hope that it will be as good as all the other previous editions of Far Cry. I really love this franchise.

  2. Is this a sign that I get a PS5?!! Lol, it looks great and I really want to play it right now! I hope it isn’t all hype and I hope it lives through the glory of the Far Cry Franchise! Waah, I’m just really excited.

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