Family Feud Is Now A Video Game

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Family Feud Is Now A Video Game
Family Feud Is Now A Video Game

While the majority of gamers are waiting for the release of the next-generation systems, others don’t need to swing around as Spider-Man or blow up bad guys in Gears 5. Some gamers want to sit down and enjoy one of America’s most beloved game shows: Family Feud.

Is Family Feud A Video Game Now?

Yes, why sit around and watch other people get answers wrong when you can test your worldly knowledge yourself, locally with friends or family, or online. No more sitting back on your couch watching a man with a thick-mustache stare at contestants with a blank stare. Now you can lean forward on your couch with a controller in your hand and stare at them yourself.

Will Family Feud Have Different Game Modes?

Yes, the Family Feud by Microsoft will feature different game modes that will feature a staggering 1,500+ Family Feud surveys. That means two games will rarely be the same.

  • Classic Mode: The classic mode in Family Feud is the one everyone is accustomed to from the television show itself. Up to ten players on two different teams will play in the closest game mode to the authentic Family Feud experience.
  • Party Battle Mode: If you’re hosting a house party but don’t have any good board games, then party battle mode is the local multiplayer experience for you.
  • Couch Vs. Couch mode: No matter where you are worldwide, as long as you’re sitting on a couch, you can compete against online players.
  • Love show feature: This mode is dedicated to streamers on Twitch or YouTube who want their viewers to jump right in.
  • Character customization: Unlike older game show games, you don’t have to settle for default models. You can create and customize your character.

When Will The Family Feud Video Game Release?

Ubisoft plans on releasing the Family Feud video game digitally for Xbox One,

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