Even Without Horror 2.0, Phasmophobia Is Terrifying

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Even Without Horror 2.0, Phasmophobia Is Terrifying

Phasmophobia still has “Horror 2.0” as something they’re working on in their backlog. Everyone assumed Kinetic Game implemented more horror into Phasmophobia due to its increase in danger during hunts but, apparently, this is just the tip of the iceberg on making it a much scarier game.

Phasmophobia making the game more scarier

The changes to the spirit box producing a hair-raising whisper was enough to make me drop the piece of equipment and run right out of the house. Apparently, what Phasmophobia Exposition didn’t come with was “Horror 2.0”.

Phasmophobia even with got scarier without Horror 2.0

Horror 2.0 will come with:

  • New ghost events
  • Ghost events overhaul
  • Hallucinations
  • New death rooms
  • New death animations
  • Sound overhaul / additions

None of these things are implemented in the game yet, which is surprising after what we’ve experienced so far. We don’t even want to know what we’ll hallucinate. The game is already terrifying enough as it stands after Phasmophobia exposition.

Phasmophobia Exposition is already scary

Phasmophobia Exposition has brought a new level of terror into the game. Phasmophobia is finally scary again and doesn’t feel as monotonous as it once did. We can only imagine what terrors Phasmophobia’s Horror 2.0 will provide.

Is Phasmophobia in its current state scary to you?

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