Escaping The Wheelchair Mannequin Puzzle In The Hospital – Little Nightmares II

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The Little Nightmares II puzzle involving the wheelchair mannequin in the hospital was a little confusing at first, but in hindsight, it’s one of the more common sense puzzles in Little Nightmares II.

We already know the mannequins in the hospital will freeze in place if there is light, and there’s no other way up to the open window on the right side of the wheelchair room, so if you put two-and-two together, you have to move the mannequin off the wheelchair somehow.

If you remember, there’s a light switch when you first jump into the room. Go back and shut the lights off. Now, you can run back to the wheelchair room where the mannequin will jump out of the wheelchair. Move the mannequin far enough from the wheelchair by letting it get close before shining your light on it.

Now, you can back up to the light switch and turn it back on. The wheelchair mannequin is no longer a threat and you can now push the wheelchair against the wall and make your way out of the hospital wheelchair room in Little Nightmares II.

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