Escaping The Mannequin Arm Hallway In The Hospital – Little Nightmares II

1 min

The hallway full of mannequin arms is one of the more frustrating encounters in the hospital when playing Little Nightmares II, but it isn’t impossible. Anyone frustrated with the mannequins in the hallway are trying to get through it too quickly. Take your time.

The mannequin arms reaching out of the doorway can only reach out so far. They can kill you, but they are easily avoidable. The mannequins at the end of the hallway that move might seem like they’re impossible to avoid, but you can take as much time as you need to freeze them in place with your flashlight.

Keep your back away from the mannequins at all times, even if there are multiple ones. As long as you keep the flashlight pointed in their general direction, you can round them up to be on one side of the screen so you can slowly make your way to the end of the mannequin hallway.

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