Escaping And Defeating The Mannequin Hand In The Hospital – Little Nightmares II

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The first enemy you encounter in the hospital is a mannequin hand. You cannot kill the mannequin hand yet. You have to avoid it. The mannequin hand cannot climb up tables, so finding a high ground is your best bet for avoiding it.

The hand shows a moment of hesitation before it attacks, this is the perfect opportunity to sprint out of its way. After encountering the mannequin hand in the hospital, run to the right until you can climb a shelf. Keep in mind, the mannequin hand can climb the shelf too, so you must be quick going into the vent. Hop out of the vent and down the hallway into another room. Take advantage of any tables you can climb on top of.

Once you get to the workbench at the end with the elevator fuse, you’ll see a hammer on the ground. Wait until the mannequin hand is out of the way, grab the hammer, and defeat it. It will take a couple of hits and run away two or three times before you can finish it off. Continue to beat the mannequin hand with the hammer for an achievement in Little Nightmares II.

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