‘‘Empire of Sin’’ Shows A New Gameplay

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Video Game Empire Of Sin
Video Game Empire Of Sin

‘Empire of Sin’ is the latest game from Romero Games. The game has attracted attention for being a strategy title where we can be the bosses of the mafia. A few months ago, Paradox revealed more details of its exciting proposal. Now that ‘The Mafia’ has returned from Hangar 13 games, it seems logical that another title set in this era is equally attractive. And if we add that, it is the new project of John Romero and his studio.

Brenda Romero introduced us to various gameplay elements. It shows the depth of the new ‘Empire of Sin’ will have. To begin, we will have to choose a protagonist from a diverse group of real and fictional characters. The game will allow us to make various choices throughout the campaign.

Some will remember the presentation of the ‘Empire of Sin,’ as a strategy and action game based on the North America of the 1920s.  ‘Empire of Sin’ is exposed to new gameplay. Although it is not very long, the show is quite concise.

How The New Gameplay Looks

As a rather striking strategy proposal, the approach to create and prosper in the city with a criminal organization is very attractive. ‘Empire of Sin’ is exposed in new gameplay, where you can see some of the basic mechanics of a proposal that will be much more complex.

During the PC Gaming Show event, Romero Games presented to offer this little contact with the ‘Empire of Sin.’ It is barely four minutes of video.

However, it allows us to get to know this strategy proposal a little better. The exploration looks more freely. The moment of combat arrives, and the grid unfolds in the style of games like XCOM or Wasteland.

The objective of the ‘Empire of Sin’ is to create, manage, and expand the criminal empire in the city. Up to 14 district chiefs are described as competing to dominate the city. In a way, it is a recreation of those mafia games of yesteryear, adapted to current mechanics, and adding some components that allow the ‘Empire of Sin’ to be an attractive proposal in its approach. In this regard, recruiting members and fighting on the streets will be difficult and will force players to adapt and survive.

The reality is that the game is taking a new shape, Thanks to ‘Empire of Sin’ new gameplay, you can have a more accurate idea of ​​its proposal. Now, you have to wait for some details of its launch to be specified.

So far, the steam product page has released the minimum and recommended requirements to play this game on PC. In the ‘Empire of Sin’, there will be a wide variety of characters that can join our criminal group. Each of them will have various skills that will be useful in combat. Below is the gameplay:

Empire of Sin will debut this fall on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. We invite you to know all our coverage of the announcements this weekend via our website.

Image credit: Romero Games Ltd.

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