Elite Dangerous

Game Description

Elite: Dangerous is a virtual space simulation game and the fourth Elite saga installment. Onboard of a space ship, the player is navigating the world of 1:1 centered on the actual Milky Way.

It is the first time in the Elite series in which player actions affect the eternal universe explicitly while retaining the individual player choices.

After many years of funding agreement with the retailers, in November 2012 the company initiated a Kickstarter campaign. After December 2013, players have been able to access the original game models.

Elite: Dangerous retains the basic premise of previous games. Players start with a spacecraft and a small amount of money to make their way into the cosmos by company, theft, killing or being a bond hunter, either legal or illegal. David Braben has described the game as a combination of the original Elite and the Frontier: Elite II and Frontier: first encounters, more closely related to a scientifically accurate galaxy.

The player will be able to explore the Milky Way at 1:1 scale. It is about 400 billion star systems, with planets and moons in orbit and in real-time, leading to dynamic night and day cycling. The game is based on the procedural generation of real scientific models, about 150,000 star systems taken from real-world astronomical data.

The author said, “It’s common to see clumsy space games making it look nice, so that ends in impossible space locations.” Elite is just about the scale it, and the planets are the correct size and distance between objects is also right.

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