Elite Dangerous Announces the Odyssey Expansion

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Elite Dangerous Odyssey Expansion
Elite Dangerous Odyssey Expansion

Elite Dangerous is the space simulator from Frontier Developments. The game is preparing its most ambitious update to date. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will be a new expansion of the game.

The update is scheduled for early 2021. The biggest news is that we can get off the ship for the first time. Below you can see the first teaser.

What Does The Update Have?

Elite Dangerous continues to expand its world little by little. With its Odyssey expansion, the game will take a great leap forward.

Players will be able to land on the planets they visit and explore them on foot. As expected, it will not be a spacewalk simulator. Therefore, new galactic exploration missions and even combat equipment will be included.

We can travel the entire universe exploring the infinity of planets in the first person. Each player will be able to forge their own path, from diplomacy and commerce to exploration, combat, or piracy.

As always, coordinating with teammates and selecting the right equipment and navies will be vital to mastering the game’s many tactical layers, which require extensive planning.

There will also be hubs and secure areas to regroup, upgrade weapons, and forge new alliances. We will find hundreds of configurations, objectives, NPCs, and missions that will offer a wide variety and give almost unlimited game content.

Before entering the fray, it will be necessary to prepare the character with weapons and equipment and coordinate with the comrades “to master multidimensional, deep and tactical scenarios where commanders, VRS and starships converge,” says the official description.

It only means that the game will now incorporate the theme of shooters. You can be stealthy or use the entire arsenal of weapons to complete your mission.

Why This Update is Important

Odyssey will mark a “new era” for the space exploration and commerce video game, as players will be able to get away from their ship to explore planets on foot and engage in first-person combat.

Those planets will be “created by new technology,” Frontier Developments explains in a press release, and can be explored in the first person, on foot, with “absolute freedom.

“Odyssey is our most ambitious expansion for Elite Dangerous,” said David Braben, founder, and CEO of Frontier. “Expanding the game to the scale needed to offer to explore the planets on foot, while maintaining brutal distances in the game is an amazing achievement for our team. It expands the already varied experience it offers. Elite Dangerous. We look forward to joining us as we continue this journey of discovery and adventure when Elite Dangerous: Odyssey launches in 2021.”

It will be one of the essential additions to date for the Frontier space exploration simulator, as it is one of the most demanded features by fans, and it will transform the gaming experience forever. For now, this trailer has been a touchdown, and we will have to wait to see in more depth how planetary exploration on foot will work in Elite Dangerous.

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