Earthbound Nintendo Switch Guide Walkthrough: Part One

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Earthbound Nintendo Switch Guide Walkthrough

Now that Earthbound is available for Switch players who are subscribed to the Nintendo Online service, there are those who would need an updated Earthbound Nintendo Switch Guide Walkthrough. Earthbound is a game that is over two decades old and, while this is a direct port, there are still some things people did not pick up on their original playthrough. From lore to small details, you should follow GameDom to follow our Earthbound Nintendo Switch Guide Walkthrough.

Starting Earthbound

Earthbound Walkthrough Starting Nintendo
Earthbound START Screen

Starting Earthbound means, you must start naming your characters, choosing your favorite food, naming your dog, and picking the coolest thing.

Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough Naming Characters

Of course, if you want to work with default names, you can just click “Don’t Care” when choosing a name. The first name that shows up is what the default character names in Earthbound are.

Earthbound Walkthrough Nintendo Sleeping
Earthbound Walkthrough Nintendo Walking Through The Room

After a quick cutscene that introduces you to the quiet town of Onett, you are woken up by a large sound. There is nothing of note in the room, so you move out into the hallway. Once you are in the hallway, you will see a door in the background. Enter it by pressing up.

Earthbound Walkthrough Nintendo Surprise Present
Earthbound Walkthrough Ness Opened The Present
Ness opened the present – There is a Cracked bat inside – Ness takes it.

You can choose to talk to Ness’ sister, who gives you multiple pieces of dialogue before repeating herself. Opening the present in her room gives Ness the Cracked Bat.

Earthbound Walkthrough At least change out of your jammies before you go
At least change out of your jammies before you go.
Earthbound Walkthrough Exploring the room
Earthbound Walkthrough Police Roadblock

Once you have finished exploring the room, you can exit and continue to the left where you will move down to the first floor of the house. Despite your mother’s objections, she knows there is nothing she can do to stop your childlike curiosity. The phone beeps if you click it and you can speak to your dog, but the next place to go is out the door.

Earthbound Walkthrough Pokey my brother ran out of here to chase after a police car
Pokey, my brother, ran out of here to chase after a police car.

Once you go out, you will see the path south blocked by officers. Head West and check out Pokey’s house. There is nothing of note in the house except for dialogue with Pokey’s brother.

Earthbound Nintendo Switch Guide Walkthrough: Part One – The Meteor

After walking out of Pokey’s house, continue down the path. This path is very straightforward, and you will find police officers along the way.

Earthbound Walkthrough Don't you know what time it is
Don’t you know what time it is?! Get yer butt home, pronto!
Earthbound Walkthrough Ness opened the present and there is a bread roll inside
Ness opened the present. There is a Bread roll inside!

As you follow the path, you will see a present on the cliff. Continue following the path to get to the present for a Bread Roll.

Earthbound Walkthrough You are getting in the cops I mean officer's way
You’re gettin’ in the cops, oops… – I mean officer’s way!

Once you get to the end of the path, you will see the meteor at the top of the hill. However, you will not be able to get to it as Pokey and a barricade of officers stand in your way. The only way to go is back down the hill, unfortunately.

Earthbound Walkthrough It is late scoot off to be now
It’s late, scoot off to bed now.

Once you are down the hill, you simply need to head back to your house, where you are given the option to move on through the story. If you are the type of player who wants to talk to everyone for the sake of lore, then you can say “No” and check everywhere before you move on.

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Earthbound Nintendo Switch Guide Walkthrough: Part Two

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