Earthbound Nintendo Switch Guide Walkthrough: Part Five

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Earthbound Nintendo Switch Guide Walkthrough Part Five

After the unfortunate death of Buzz Buzz in Earthbound Nintendo Switch Guide Walkthrough: Part Four, the only thing you can do is move on.

Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - To defeat Giygas your own power must unite with the Earth's
To defeat Giygas, your own power must unite with the Earth’s…
Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - Oh The pain Everything is getting dark urgh gasp
Oh! The pain!… Everything is getting dark… urgh! *Gasp*…
Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - Ness got the sound stone
(Ness got the Sound Stone.)

Remember Buzz Buzz’s final words as they give you some very obvious exposition before they eventually pass on into the darkness after giving you the Sound Stone. What do you do with the Sound Stone in Earthbound? It is an item that records melodies from “Your Sanctuary” locations. There are eight “Your Sanctuary” locations in Earthbound. However, if you are struggling with inventory in Earthbound, you can simply hand the Sound Stone to Ness’ sister Tracy, and it will still do record melodies.

Earthbound Nintendo Switch Guide Walkthrough: Lier X. Agerate

Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - House
House on top of the mountain.

Now that you are finished with the carnage of Buzz Buzz’s death, it is time to do a little exploring of your own. If you remember from the Earthbound Nintendo Switch Guide Walkthrough: Part Four, the NPC at the top of the mountain at the house wanted you to come back alone.

Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - Exploring Earthbound
Exploring Earthbound.

As you are exploring Earthbound, you will notice little butterflies flying around. These butterflies recover PP when interacted with.

Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - Look at the camera - Ready - Say Fuzzy pickles
Look at the camera… Ready… Say “Fuzzy pickles.”
Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - Meet The Camera Man
Meet The Camera Man.

When you head back to your house, you will have your first encounter with The Camera Man. Most of these encounters are avoidable, except for three. This is good to know for those annoyed with these small cut scenes. Where do the pictures from The Camera Man show up? They come at the end of the game with the credits.

Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - Ness It's you dad I deposited $37 into your bank account
Ness? It’s you dad. I deposited $37 into your bank account.
Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - Mother understand these things. Eat some Pasta and scoot up to bed
Mothers understand these things. Eat some Pasta and scoot up to bed.

Head back into your house where you will tie up some loose ends, such as saving, picking up money from the phone, and recovering any lost HP while sleeping. You can prematurely store the Sound Stone with Tracy if you wish.

Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - Treasure Hunter This is Lier X Agerate's house
(Treasure Hunter! This is Lier X. Agerate’s house)

Head back up the mountain where you will have some basic auto-battle encounters. Now, you can go into Lier X. Agerate’s house.

Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - First let's go to the basement
First let’s go to the basement.

Head inside where a grown man will ask a child to go down into the basement.

Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - In the basement there is a buttfly
In the basement there is a buttfly.

Once you are in the basement, there is another butterfly if you’ve lost a lot of PP coming up the mountain, which you shouldn’t have.

Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - Follow Lier X
Follow Lier X.

Follow Lier X. Agerate as he leads you through the tunnels of the mine.

Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - Go home now - You're getting in the way of my work
Go home now. You’re getting in the way of my work.
Earthbound Nintendo Switch Walkthrough - The golden statue is glowing strangely
The Golden Statue is glowing strangely…

Once you get to the end, he basically tells you to go home. What the point of this was for is beyond us at the moment, but you can check the Golden Statue to see it glowing. The statue has a name, but we will uncover it later due to possible spoilers. Follow GameDom for more Earthbound Nintendo Switch Guides and other news.

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