EA Unveils New Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay Footage

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EA Star Wars Squadrons
EA Star Wars Squadrons

EA held its EA Play Live event last night and unveiled new gameplay footage of Star Wars: Squadrons.

Star Wars: Squadrons was announced last week by EA following several leaks. Developed by Motive Studio, the game is inspired by the Rogue Squadron dogfight video games and sees players take on the role of either a New Republic or Imperial fighter pilot.

The game is played in a first-person perspective from inside the cockpit where various sensors and screens will act as the HUD. There will be screens for power management, shields, and plenty more that you will need to keep an eye out when battling against the enemy.

Star Wars: Squadrons has a single-player campaign where players take on the roles of both the New Republic Vanguard Squadron and the Imperial Titan Squadron where “two pilots will shape the balance of power in the galaxy”.

There’s also multiplayer in which players team up in squads of five people. Each squadron has matching ships across different categories; Fighter ships X-Wing and TIE Fighter, Interceptor ships A-Wing and TIE Interceptor, Support ships U-Wing and TIE Reaper, and Bomber ships Y-Wing and TIE Bomber.

All of the ships in the game are fully customisable. Players can choose the colour of their ships, add decorations, and can modifications to their ships through various components which are earned in-game; there are no microtransactions.

The multiplayer is comprised of different modes, the traditional 5×5 Dogfight and the longer Fleet Battle mode which is broken into three phases; players engage in a dogfight in the middle of a map, one team attacks the enemy’s capital ship, and once both capital ships have been destroyed players must destroy the enemy’s flagship.

Release Date, DLC Plans and Other Details

Star Wars: Squadron will release on October 2 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and will be compatible with PlayStation VR and PC VR systems. The game will see players tough it out in several locations from the Star Wars Universe including the Zavian Abyss, Sissubo, the Nadiri Dockyards, Yavin Prime, Galitan, and Esseles.

In an interview with Polygon, Star Wars: Squadron Creative Director Ian Frazier spoke about the omission of microtransactions and post-launch DLC plans, stating that the team is concentrating on making an “old school” game that is complete at launch.

He said: “You give us your $40, we give you the game. It is a fully self-contained experience. It’s not, ‘Well, okay, here’s part of the game and the rest of it will be out next week.’ No, it’s the whole game. So at this point we’re not talking about live service or DLC or anything else. Not saying it’s impossible, but that’s really not what we’re going for.”

Star Wars: Squadron is only a few months away now but you can expect EA and Motive Studio to release more information and gameplay videos between now and launch date, so check back for more!

Image Credit: EA Star Wars

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