Duality Game’s Newest Horror Game Unholy

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Duality Game’s Newest Horror Game Unholy
Duality Game’s Newest Horror Game Unholy

Duality Games, a game development studio based out of Warsaw, Poland, brings a horror title reminiscent of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Everyone loved the dark and anxiety-fueled horror of the Amnesia series.

Since we were teased with a remake of the Silent Hills series that never came to be, people have been clamoring for a horror title that gives them an emotional rush of fear. Why else do people enjoy the emotional thrill they get from horror movies and books? No one enjoys horror media because they don’t feel anything while doing so. They love the emotion of feeling as if they’re in danger when they’re not.

Duality Games looks to emulate the success of horror titles such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a series that puts the sheer horror into every goosebump on our skin. People want to feel scared. It’s an emotion that makes them feel alive. That’s precisely what Duality Games is doing with Unholy. Unholy combines stealth and horror while following the story of a mother’s search for her kidnapped child.

Saidah, the mother, searches for her child on an unholy desolate planet where the last humans live in the remnants of the last city. Of course, it wouldn’t be a dystopian planet without humans being detrimental to each other’s survival. Not only is Saidah using stealth to avoid other humans, but she’s trying to avoid the plague ravaging the last of her kind. Will she try to avoid guards or resort to murder? How far will she go to find her daughter?

Much like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, players must keep Saidah from descending into madness and dealing with the consequences of her actions. The world is full of creepy and deformed characters. The characters use the environment, stealth elements, and other powers as she deals with the mental instability of searching for her child. Duality Games put out a video to show some of the players’ abilities, such as taking a look into alternate dimensions.

Duality Games is finally stepping in to fill the gap left behind by the Amnesia series, which hasn’t been filled yet. Hopefully, this new title will move the genre in the right direction and set the standard for the future’s horror games.

The global release of Unholy is scheduled for 2021.

About the Company:

Duality S.A. started operating in the computer games industry in 2017. The company was established by the experienced veterans of the gaming industry and is part of the PlayWay group. The company’s strategy assumes the production, release, and distribution of games with a varied atmosphere and style. The company’s leading title is the horror game Unholy, which is scheduled to premiere in 2021. Duality is currently working on five projects, three of which it plans to release in 2020. The company plans to show more production soon, as well as develop the publishing department. The debut on the New Connect exchange is designed for the third quarter of this year.

Additional information can be obtained from:

Michał Jadczak
+48 533 266 065

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