Does Phasmophobia Have Jump Scares?

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Does Phasmophobia Have Jump Scares
Does Phasmophobia Have Jump Scares

If you’ve been on the internet the past month, whether it’s on a video streaming website or social media, you’ve probably seen Phasmophobia content. Phasmophobia, a game that’s still in its early access phase, is one of the scariest games ever made, but does the fear come from jump scares?

What Makes Phasmophobia So Scary?

If you’ve seen Phasmophobia content on Twitch or YouTube, then you’ve seen different content creators jumping (or falling) out of their seats the moment the flashlight starts flickering. However, the flashlight flickering is an ominous sign that the ghost is about to grab the player if they don’t run, hide, or light a smudge stick. The activity levels from the truck and the flickering flashlights are all signs a jump scare is coming. While a jump scare from a hunt is predictable, does Phasmophobia have any truly random jump scares?

Does Phasmophobia Have Jump Scares?

While players can predict jump scares when the ghost starts to hunt, ghosts can startle you when they’re not hunting:

  • Certain ghosts such as poltergeists can throw items around.
  • Certain ghosts such as mares can turn off the circuit breaker and lights.
  • All ghosts will randomly make sounds into your ear.
  • Some ghosts will randomly flicker lights.
  • Some ghosts will open and shut doors.
  • Some ghosts will turn on the car alarm or the radio.

While these don’t sound like terribly scary jump scares, imagine playing the game with a good headset if you’re on mouse and keyboard or a VR headset on. Having a VR headset adds that extra level of anxiety to Phasmophobia.

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