Does Omori Have Fullscreen?

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Does Omori Have Fullscreen
Does Omori Have Fullscreen

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When you first launch Omori, you’ll notice the screen is very small. It’s not surprising, seeing as the game, since last we heard, was developed using one of the RPG Maker platforms. However, nobody wants to lean forward with their face up to the screen to play a game (depending on how far your monitor is away from your face), so does Omori have a fullscreen option?

Omori Does Have A Fullscreen Option

Omori Video Game Start Up Screen
Omori Video Game StartUp Screen

When you first launch Omori, you’ll notice you can’t simply maximize your screen using the option at the top right. You’ll have to navigate to the menu using your arrow keys and selecting “Z” to confirm “Options.”

How To Switch To Fullscreen In Omori?

Omori Video Game Settings Screen
Omori Video Game Settings Screen

Once you’ve selected the options screen from the main menu, you’ll face the general tab where you can see the fullscreen option under screen resolution. You need to press “Z” to confirm you want to navigate down through the general tab, and once you’ve hovered over the fullscreen option, click the left key to turn on fullscreen for Omori.

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