Does Omori Have A Release Date?

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Does Omori Have A Release Date

After years of waiting, Omori looks like it will be released soon. Earthbound fans or fans of Earthbound-style games (like Undertale) have been keeping their fingers crossed since Omori’s Kickstarter six years ago.

What Is Omori?

OMORI 2020 Trailer

Those who have been waiting for Omori since 2014 have kept up with news of its release as much as people keep up with a new ASDF video from TomSka. They’ll look every now and then, but they’ve simply given up hope Omori would ever release. It’s the Yandere Simulator of Earthbound-style games. Some who backed the game in High School are halfway through (or finished with) college now and ready to dive into this colorful and strange psychological-horror title.

Yes, despite its colors and quirkiness, it is labeled a psychological-horror.

We do see the horror elements in some of the screenshots for the game and, honestly, we’re excited. It might not scare the pants off of us like Visage or Phasmophobia, but it will give us that elevated level of creepiness we felt running around in the ghost and zombie-infested town of Threed in Earthbound.

When Will Omori Release?

The newest trailer for Omori released on November 30th, 2020, and all signs point towards a late 2020 release. With there only being a little under a month left of 2020, we’re expecting to see the release of Omori right around Christmas.

Are you looking forward to finally getting your hands on Omori?

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  1. its been seven years since the kickstarter was funded, some have forgot about it hopefully it was worth the wait it filled a hole we needed since theyre not working on another mother series

  2. I say if it doesn’t come out this month or if there’s another delay we riot we waited 7 years for this

  3. theres huge demand for a game like this but they took a decade to make it smh ill wait for the next develpper

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