Do You Need A VR Headset To Play Phasmophobia?

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Do You Need A VR Headset To Play Phasmophobia
Do You Need A VR Headset To Play Phasmophobia

To say that Phasmophobia has been an overwhelmingly positive game on Steam so far would be an understatement. Streamers everywhere are taking to Twitch and YouTube to play a video game based on the concept of ghost hunting. Unlike other psychological games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent or Outlast, the game’s purpose isn’t to avoid the supernatural but investigate it instead.

In Phasmophobia, players need to use a variety of equipment to investigate haunted locations to find the type of ghost that’s haunting its halls. If you’ve seen any Phasmophobia streams or videos, you’ll probably seen two different types of players:

  • One player has a “hoop” around their waist and walks around with almost free movement. Those are VR players. They can hold onto more items and freely manipulate moveable items in the game. It does look like a lot of fun since the players in VR mode have character models reminiscent of controlled chaos.
  • The second player looks a little more controlled and normal. They walk around with a flashlight in their hand (or on their shoulder) while being able to carry around up to two other items. It’s still fun to play without the VR, but they’re not getting the full immersive experience.

Phasmophobia is reminiscent of popular ghost hunting shows like Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures. While it looks like an exciting game, many wonder if they need a VR headset to play Phasmophobia. VR headsets aren’t exactly the cheapest controllers out there. The Oculus Rift alone costs around $400. That’s almost the cost of a next-generation PlayStation or Xbox.

However, a VR headset to play Phasmophobia looks like it’s worth it for those who want to immerse themselves in realistic graphics and scary sounds. There’s nothing like hearing a ghost walk right past you. No one wants to listen to that in real life, but it’s the type of horror we haven’t seen since we were teased with a Silent Hills remake from Konami.

Phasmophobia video game review

Fortunately, those who want to pick up Phasmophobia don’t need a VR headset to play. There is a standard mode for Phasmophobia for those who cannot afford a VR headset or aren’t able to play VR due to medical conditions. Phasmophobia offers VR support for the Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality. It’s also still in its early access. There are some noticeable bugs, but that’s something the developers, Kinetic Games, are asking their early access players to report any bugs so, when the full game is released, it will be just as popular as it is now in its early access state. 

Phasmophobia early access is available on Steam for $13.99.

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