Do You Need A Gamepad To Play The Medium?

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Do You Need A Gamepad To Play The Medium

The Medium will utilize never-before-seen gameplay for its dual-reality system. However, as interesting as it looks, the system of playing in the virtual and real-world was shown off using the Xbox gamepad. This ambitious psychological horror game, that has strong Silent Hill vibes, allows the main character, Marianne, to move through both (spirit and real) worlds at once.

As she traverses the spirit world, she will encounter a hostile spirit known simply as “The Maw.” However, Marianne isn’t able to defeat The Maw using her spiritual ability. Some gameplay shows Marianna using her psychic and stealth abilities to overcome creatures that cross over into the real-world. While all of this does look interesting, is The Medium playable with a mouse and keyboard?

Do You Need A Gamepad To Play The Medium?

The Medium Gameplay In The Morgue

No, a gamepad isn’t necessary to play The Medium. The developer has confirmed that The Medium is playable with a mouse and keyboard. You would use the traditional WASD keys for movement, mouse buttons to interact with different objects, and other buttons (that are reconfigurable) to manage inventory. Players interact with objects in the real-world with the left mouse button and use the right mouse button to interact with objects in the spirit world. The Medium will release later in January on the 28th for Microsoft Windows the Xbox S/X.

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Sea Of Trees Game Teaser Trailer

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