Do You Have An Issue In Phasmophobia Where You Can’t See Other Player’s Photos

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Do You Have An Issue In Phasmophobia Where You Can’t See Other Player’s Photos
Do You Have An Issue In Phasmophobia Where You Can’t See Other Player’s Photos

You’re sitting alone in the ghost’s room, the one person designated as bait, with a digital camera, trying to goad the ghost into appearing. Your team has all the evidence, and all the optional objectives done but “capture a photo of the ghost.”

After a couple of minutes saying horrible things about the ghost’s mother, you finally get the ghost to manifest. You quickly hit the button to take a picture with your digital camera before running out of the location. You’re sitting outside in safety and telling people to look into their journals because you got such a sweet picture. You can see it in your journal, but other players can’t see the picture you took.

Players Only See A Black Picture

You took the sweetest close up picture of the ghost and told the rest of your team to open their journal. However, the only thing they see is a blank or black picture under the word “ghost” in the journal.

Does The Picture Still Count If It’s Black?

If the photo you took of the ghost in Phasmophobia is black or blank, but it has the word “ghost” above it, then it counts. Remember, you still get credit for a photo with the journal if it has a label above it. If you take a picture and there’s no label above it, then you won’t get credit at the end of the round.

Why Is The Picture Black In The Journal?

If you’re the one who took the picture, then the picture shouldn’t be blank for you. However, it’s not very fun with your teammates who can’t see the cool picture you took. It’s currently a known bug/issue with syncing. Even when you come out of the round into the lobby where the pictures are, it’ll still be blank for the other players.

Unless you have a third-party place like a Facebook group or Discord, the cool picture you took may be lost into the voice. Fortunately, there’s a way to see the last picture you took with the digital camera in the Phasmophobia game folder on your drive.

Just make sure you didn’t overwrite them with panic snaps as you ran out of the building.

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