Do This to Get Marvel’s Avengers on PS5 for Free

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Marvel Avengers Playstation 5 Enhanced
Marvel Avengers Playstation 5 Enhanced

Marvel’s Avengers is a video game that wants to keep you hooked for several months. The problem for many people is that it will arrive at the end of the year.

Square Enix has announced that Marvel’s Avengers will be available with upgrades for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. You can enjoy it for free when both consoles are available on the market later this year.

What you need to do is one thing. The players who purchase the version (physical or digital) for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, will be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X version for free.

How Marvel’s Avenger Takes Advantage of the New Console

Details on the next-gen version of Marvel’s Avengers have been provided by Gary Snethen, CTO of Crystal Dynamics, on the official PlayStation blog. As Snethen explains, thanks to the new PS5 GPU “we have been able to increase the resolution of the textures. The game will achieve a higher level of detail and rendering, enhance ambient occlusion. It will improve anisotropic filtering and add a variety of graphic functions, such as stochastic reflections of the screen space using adaptive contrast”.

The use of ray tracing “and more” is not mentioned on the PlayStation blog. However, it is in the Square Enix press release.

Players of Marvel’s Avengers on PS5 will be able to customize their visual experience with two modes. It is an option that will also be available on Demon’s Souls remake. Enhanced graphics mode will deliver “the best possible image quality,” Snethen says, while high-frame-rate mode will run the game at 60 FPS and dynamic 4K resolution.

Regarding load times, Snethen says that the high-speed SSD “will help reduce load times to 1 or 2 seconds and will allow you to generate huge worlds in real-time at blazingly fast speeds.” The SSD will also enable environments to be generated “instantly with the best possible quality to the horizon,” says the developer. Marvel’s Avengers will also take advantage of the 3D audio and features of the PS5 DualSense controller, including haptic response and triggers with dynamic resistance.

Finally, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have confirmed that if the game is updated from the current one to the next generation. In this case, the saved and progress files will be transferred. It is because Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are looking to give players a smooth transition between generations. In addition, cross-play will be available but limited by platforms. PS5 players will be able to play with their friends on PS4 and those on the Xbox Series X with those on Xbox One.

Marvel’s Avenger  Event Date and Launch Date

This week will be crucial for the new Avengers game, as there will be a digital event on June 24 where we will see a new trailer and further details about this title of Marvel superheroes will be presented.

Marvel’s Avengers will arrive on September 4 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google STADIA.

Image credits; Square Enix

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  1. I had to check this post out because I was curious on how to get something this good for free! Well I realized I would need to have a PS 4 to make this work, which sadly I do not have. I just have a PS3 and have not played it in a while now. But it’s nice of them to have this kind of offer especially for those who are die hard fans of the franchise.

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