Do Players Get Experience When They’re Toast In Omori?

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Do Players Get Experience When They’re Toast In Omori

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Omori Game Wiki Life Jam Guy Life Jam Really Works

If you haven’t had a player die yet in Omori, then you definitely will when you encounter an overeager Life Jam salesman called Life Jam Guy. His entire job is assaulting children until they die so he can demonstrate his product.

You’ll get a good laugh from the fact that, when players die, they’re literally turned to toast. The way to bring them back is by spreading Life Jam on them. It’s a silly concept. However, getting turned to toast outside of this Life Jam Guy encounter might set one of Omori’s friends back in experience.

Do Omori’s Friends Not Get Experience When They’re Toast?

Omori Game Wiki What Will Omori And Friends Do

Unfortunately, if one of the characters gets toasted during a fight, a couple of things happen:

  • You’re not able to unleash energy.
  • That character gains no experience after the fight is over.

That means, if a player is toasted during a boss battle (and you have no Life Jam), they potentially lose out on thousands of experience. That’s not good. You’ll have to do a bit of grinding near one of Mari’s picnic blankets to get caught up.

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Teaser trailer for upcoming horror RPG Sea Of Trees

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