Do I Need An SSD To Run The Medium?

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Do I Need An SSD To Run The Medium

Since The Medium won’t be on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, many wonder if an SSD is required to play The Medium on PC or if it’ll be playable on an HDD. Let’s take a look at whether you need an SSD to run The Medium or not.

An SSD Is Not Required For The Medium, However:

The Medium Game Duality Reality Feature

Remember, The Medium is using patented dual-reality gameplay. This is something that’s never been done before, according to the developers. Some are wondering what will happen if they don’t get an SSD to play The Medium. The answer is that you’ll most likely experience a little lag or delay during the simultaneous dual-reality gameplay. You might also experience a delay in your loading time. However, unless the medium is poorly optimized, there shouldn’t be much difference playing The Medium off an HDD.

An SSD Is Recommended For The Medium

The Medium Game PC System Requirements

The PC minimum requirements and the recommended requirements for The Medium both suggest a 30 GB SSD. However, the developers made it a point to mention that it is only recommended. That means it’s not necessary.

However, those who aren’t PC-savvy enough to upgrade or build a PC required to play The Medium can run the game on the Xbox Series S/X without much issue. The Medium will release later in January on the 28th for Microsoft Windows the Xbox S/X.

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