Dirt 5 Preorder Guides, Offers, and Bonuses

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Video Game DIRT 5 pre-order
Video Game DIRT 5 pre-order

In addition to Xbox One and Xbox Series X, DiRT 5 will also be released for other hardware. Gamers can already choose between the Launch Edition and the Amplified Edition, which are presented in more detail here. We will include advantages, differences, and preorder bonuses.

DiRT 5 Preorder: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5

Of course, the focus of the presentation of DiRT 5 during the ‘Inside Xbox Presents First Look Xbox Series X Gameplay’ event was on Microsoft’s console platform. But as in the past, the latest DiRT adventure will also appear for other systems. PC, PS4, PS5, and Google Stadia are confirmed alongside Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

The date, or rather the month of publication, has also been fixed: October 2020. Codemasters generally say when asked about the release. For the new console systems from Microsoft and Sony, whose sales have not yet announced, it could also be a little later.

Preorder Launch Edition vs. Amplified Edition

Preorders are already available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Two game versions have previously been announced: Launch Edition and Amplified Edition.

The DiRT 5 Launch Editio is currently listed on Steam at USD 54.99 and on Amazon for $55.99. It is the base game that has been upgraded for preorders by the Ford F-150 Raptor PreRunner (designed by Deberti Design). The DiRT 5 Amplified Edition offers more advantages.

With the purchase of the amplified version priced at 74.99 USD on Steam, everyone who preorders this edition will have the opportunity to play three days earlier. Besides, three racing cars are ready to start with the Ariel Nomad Tactical, VW Beetle Rallycross, and Audi TT Safari. There will be new goals, rewards, and vehicle designs, and boosters for in-game currency and XP are also included.

The higher price also includes access to the additional game content that appears after the release. The Amplified Edition is characterized by at least 12 vehicles, 60 career events, new player sponsors including rewards and designs, and other benefits that have not yet been revealed. Here too, preorders get the Ford F-150 Raptor PreRunner (designed by Deberti Design).

What Dirt 5 Offers inside the Game

The announcement of DiRT 5 took place last May. One of the things that most caught the attention of fans of the saga was the confirmation of a completely renewed Career Mode.

It has the elements of decision-making, and with actors from the likes of Nolan North and Troy Baker. Now, Codemasters has detailed the contents of this race through its website, to delve into everything that DiRT 5 has in store for us when it reaches the stores.

First of all, the storyline. Codemasters promises an immersive experience with “continuous extreme performance, from continent to continent, in all kinds of events.” As they begin their careers, players will draw the attention of Alex Janiček (Troy Baker), a superstar of off-road racing in the DIRT world, who accepts them as his ward. But they will also gain the attention of Bruno Durand (Nolan North), a cold, calculating, and extremely competitive driver who will be our rival, and AJ’s, throughout the game.

Along with these characters, there will also be a series of in-game programs and podcasts to relate essential events in your career. The DiRT 5 Career Mode will be divided into five different chapters, which will cover the critical moments of the plot. Each chapter will have different paths to go, each with its events and tests.

It has more than 130 events total with 9 different disciplines. Completing races earns seals that unlock new events. There will also be unique objectives that unlock secret Throwdown events, where you play head-to-head races against the game’s biggest opponents.

There will also be 20 actual brands to choose from as sponsors, each with exclusive vehicle designs. And if that were not enough, the Career Mode will allow you to play split-screen with friends so that they can accompany you during the experience without slowing down your progress in the game.

We remind you that DiRT 5 will be available in October and will reach current platforms, as well as new generation consoles.

Image credit; Codemasters

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