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After more than a year of waiting, Devolver Digital will finally release Carrion tomorrow, Thursday, July 23.

The expected reversed horror experience in which we take on the role of the monster has been one of the most exciting ideas the indie brand has come up with. Today, they released a new animated trailer that takes us to the origins of the beast.

Carrion Storyline

An undefined creature annihilates members of the scientist and security forces. Then, someone hopelessly walks to a specific room. Then, he arrives with his companions.

Happy to see him, they didn’t expect the creature is inside the man, emerging from his body and devouring them all. It shows us the fearsome of the meat beast.

The beast is the protagonist of the game, seeking to escape its confinement and the teams of humans sent to destroy it. We can level up by consuming each person to increase our mass and our power.

Apparently, the beast is insatiable, using its tentacles and jaws to consume nonstop, like a twisted species of Pac-Man. But this does not mean that it is not part of a specific story.

The Things by John Carpenter should undoubtedly be loved by the lovers of science fiction and the horror film, because we place ourselves in the shoes of an alien agent that murders and controls its victims, in several ways, during a 2D game full of action and puzzles. The tentacles and the infinite nature of the beast present numerous possibilities, like entering impossible locations or destroying citizens in isolation from the ill-gotten.

For those of you who are interested in Carrion, you can also play the preview on Steam.

The Devolver Digital universe

Following Carrion’s stellar appearance of the beast in the 2019 Devolver Direct (again proving how far along they were in their time), it became part of the study in many ways.

In June 2019, the beast was repeatedly used in game introductions, photoshoots, and special announcements. It is a pretty impressive model that expanded the company’s absurd humor vision.

During a chat with The Monster on Devolver Direct last week, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox Gaming, confirmed that CARRION would also launch on Xbox Game Pass.

Devolver Digital continues with its announcements and releases. They are always demonstrating the potential of a company that dares to mock the questionable practices of the industry without falling for them.

CARRION is a reverse horror game, in which you take on the part of the mysterious amorphous monster. Rush away and eat those that have taken you, causing terror and confusion in the entire city. Grow and grow while the jail is being demolished, and the revenge cycle is even more destructive.

Carrion will arrive tomorrow on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Still, we do not have guarantees of taking the generational leap in the future (or the future of the future.) Its standard price will be 19.99 dollars.


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  1. I found this idea super interesting every since I heard about the game. Taking the role of an amorphous monster? Hell yeah, sign me in! I think we all imagined what being a tv monster would be like as children, or was it just me? After playing the game for a couple of days, I can safely say that Carrion has lived up to the expectations. If you like horror games, this is definitely a must.

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