Details Of Monsters Of The Otherworld- A For Honor Halloween Event

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Details Of Monsters Of The Otherworld- A For Honor Halloween Event
Details Of Monsters Of The Otherworld- A For Honor Halloween Event

We’ve had a lot of fun smashing each other in the face with Samurai and Viking weapons, but it’s time to face creepy, otherworldly creatures in Monsters of The Otherworld, a For Honor Halloween event.

Monsters Of The Otherworld Trailer

The For Honor Monsters of The Otherworld trailer shows a warrior going through a portal into a creepy otherworld filled with different creepy (and angry) Halloween creatures who are out for blood.

What Creatures Will Players Face In Monsters of The Otherworld?

From the trailer, it looks like players will take cold steel and iron to:

  • Skeletons
  • Living trees
  • Pumpkin-headed creatures
  • Frankenstein-creatures
  • Zombies

When Is The Monsters of The Otherworld Event In For Honor?

Monsters of The Otherworld will begin with an event called Endless March. Endless March is For Honor’s Dominion game mode, but with skeletons instead of normal minions. Endless March will begin on October 22nd and last until November 5th.

The end of Monsters of the Otherworld is between November 5th and November 12th, when Spooky Slashers will be available. In Spooky Slashers, players capture different zones for special buffs they can use to battle demons roaming around the map. However, players will need to keep themselves alive, as dying will cost them any buffs they’ve earned.

What Do I Get From For Honor’s Monsters of The Otherworld Event?

Players will receive different Halloween-themed loot (including any loot from past events). New battle outfits and themed rewards will also be lootable at the end of matches during the duration of the event.

Who is excited about Monsters of The Otherworld?

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