Destiny 2 Presents The 2020 Moments Of Triumphs Event With Its New Rewards

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Destiny 2 Presents The 2020 Moments Of Triumphs Event With Its New Rewards
Destiny 2 Presents The 2020 Moments Of Triumphs Event With Its New Rewards

Yesterday is a highlight for Destiny 2 fans. Just like every year, the community celebrates Bungie Day on July 7 in honor of Halo’s parents’ favorite number – a tradition creative themselves have joined in with different news and promotions. In 2020, the main protagonist is the Era of Triumph event, which returns to the great loot shooter with different exclusive rewards.

2020 Moments of Triumph

As in the previous year, the Triumphs Event will have its own label, which will give players the title of MMXX. New challenges are set in locations that will be transferred to the Destiny Content Vault this fall, with the arrival of Destiny 2 – Beyond Light and other novelties of the Year 4.

The final challenge will be to complete the raids leviathan, Devoramundos, Espira Stars, Crown of Pain, and Scourge of the Past, which now has no weekly drop limit — if you’re missing any armor, weapon, or mod pieces, it’s time to get them.

Of course, the event rewards (emblems, wraiths, hummingbird, and more) will remain in the game even when it expires on September 22. There are also some unlockable items to buy from the Bungie Store, including a custom t-shirt for completing 15 wins and a ring for completing featured raids.

Apart from this, we recommend you visit the Bungie blog if you want to get new wallpapers based on Beyond Light and find information about new emblems and thematic collectibles of Bungie Day. As a reminder, Beyond Light will be available just as the event ends. It will take players to Jupiter’s moon, Europa. It will introduce the stasis element, based on Darkness, along with new subclasses, lots of new gear and quests, as well as a new content model.

Another Agenda that Comes Afterward

On July 7, Destiny 2 was also scheduled for a weekly restart. Weekly activities rotate, and there are new night falls and a unique flash point for caregivers.

So, what’s going on in Destiny 2?

The new Destiny week begins with update 2.9.1 and necessary maintenance work, which should continue until around 01:00 at night. According to Bungie, there shouldn’t be a more extended downtime. You should be able to log in from 7:00 pm

After installing the update, Guardians can look forward to an exciting Week of Destiny. But what else is there for Destiny players to do?

These night falls are available: These night attacks are available for normal twilight (power level 820):

  • Probability Tree
  • Savathun Song
  • Guardian of nothing

Story strikes and missions offer the following modifiers:

  • Empty Burner
  • iron
  • Heavyweight

The burn modifier stays the same until the next weekly reset. The other two modifiers change daily.

Crucible: PvP friends can let off steam in these modes:

  • Private game (main playlist)
  • Rumble (main playlist)
  • Control (main playlist)
  • Showdown (rotation playlist)
  • Dynamics control (rotation playlist)
  • Delete (main playlist)
  • Survival (main playlist)
  • Survival: Freelance (main playlist)
  • Classic Mix (Main Playlist)

Billing: These modifiers are active:

  • Solar scorching
  • Grenadier

Escalation Record: In the current version with bonus benefits and mod slot machines, the escalation protocol weapons exist in the contact event and the prophecy dungeon. The armor is still available only through activity on Mars, but for some time also in the “Armor 2.0” version.

Image Credits: Activision and Bungie

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