Destiny 2 is coming to Xbox Game Pass in September with its DLCs

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Destiny 2 is coming to Xbox Game Pass
Destiny 2 is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Showcase has left us with important announcements. Without a doubt, the leading role has been taken by the first Halo Infinite gameplay and the first Fable teaser. But they were not the only protagonists since we have also had the announcements of the State Of Decay 3 or Avowed, the new RPG from Obsidian. And although it has been an event focused on first-party and exclusive games, there has been a small space for third party games, where Destiny 2: Beyond the light could not be missing.

A few days ago, we knew the news that Beyond the Light, the new expansion of Destiny 2, delayed its launch until November. However, new Bungie ‘s work has reappeared with some fantastic news on Xbox Games Showcase. Destiny 2 will arrive with all its DLCs on Xbox Game Pass in September, even Beyond the Light when it is accessible.

What is Included in the Destiny 2 Update?

It was a disappointment for some fans of this multiplayer. However, It managed to go back over the months and the arrival of various updates to the game.

Microsoft also clarified this with Bungie at its latest Xbox Games Showcase series. They were revealing that the complete scope of the Bungie space fiction shooter would be included in the catalog of the Redmond company’s video games on request.

As planned, the latest expansion of the Bungie match was also seen at the Xbox case, with a compelling trailer that tells us that the launch of the future of the Destiny franchise will be on November 10th, 2020. It will include several big content expansions in preparation for the coming years. It will be available for all platforms in which the Bungie FPS is available.

Furthermore, Bungie shared improvements to Destiny 2 on Xbox Series X: “We will launch a version of Destiny 2, optimized with 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, towards the end of the year. Players who already have Destiny 2 on Xbox One can move the game to Xbox Series X free of charge through Smart Delivery. Besides, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can benefit from Destiny 2 via xCloud on their Android mobile devices.

Indeed, all big commercials for Xbox One and Xbox series X appear today on Xbox Game Pass from launch. It is irrefutable evidence of the day-to-day development of the subscription service.

Destiny 2: Beyond the Light will officially come to Xbox Game Pass with all its content so that we can fully enjoy its new expansion and the full experience. Now, we have to wait for the exact day of September when we can encounter Destiny 2 in Game Pass because Bungie offers more information on all that will be part of the planned expansion Beyond the Light.

What do you think about it? Are you excited to play Destiny 2 as part of Xbox Game Pass? Tell us in the comments.

Image credits: Bungie, Activision

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  1. Can’t wait for November! I’ve been playing Destiny 2 on my computer but I really wanted to try it on my Xbox. It was about time they included it on the Game Pass! And the fact that they’re also including the new Beyond the Light DLC is just fantastic. I’m an Xbox fan and I think they’re really beating the PS with the Game Pass.

  2. Do you think the Xbox game pass will be worth it? I like the way Destiny 2 looks and all, and I plan to check it out, but was wondering about the game pass….

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