Destiny 2: Beyond Light Will Be On Xbox Game Pass

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Will Be On Xbox Game Pass
Destiny 2 Beyond Light Will Be On Xbox Game Pass

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is an exciting expansion for Bungie’s Destiny series, not because it will be huge, but because it will be the first to release on the next-generation consoles. Some believe Destiny 2: Beyond Light is almost big enough to be a sequel. It’s already exciting knowing Bungie has previously worked out a cross-save feature, leading into rumors there would be a cross-play feature like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has, but right now, there’s only confirmation of inter-generational cross-play. That means PlayStation 4 players can play with PlayStation 5 players. There’s no word yet on when or if PlayStation 5 players can play with Xbox Series X players. However, that would be an exciting way to break down barriers between consoles.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light won’t be the last expansion for the Destiny series. Bungie has already laid out two more expansions up until 2022. The first expansion will be called “The Witch Queen,” and the last one will be called “Lightfall.” Beyond Light will bring players to Jupiter’s moon of Europa, which essentially brings back some locations from the original Destiny released in 2014.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Reveal Trailer

Content in Destiny 2: Beyond Light will include new missions, PvP maps, PvE environments, new gear, weapons, and a raid. The expansion is so massive that Bungie is planning on reducing old areas that are barely used in the game to make room for the expansion. There will also be a new elemental damage type introduced in this expansion known as “stasis.” Stasis looks to be ice-based damage compared to solar’s fire, void’s darkness, and arc’s electric-based damage. The ability tree for stasis will be a little different than the other elemental damage types. Bungie has confirmed they’re trying to do something different as an experiment. Stasis will be more customizable than the other types. Hopefully, that means the other elemental damage types will follow in removing many of the limitations on their respective skill trees.

Hopefully, this Destiny 2: Beyond Light will distract players from the fact that many of their much-loved locations will be discontinued and stored into what Bungie calls, “Destiny Content Vault.” This allows Bungie to cycle old content into the vault to be used for particular activities or events and frees up space for more expansions. Once Beyond Light is released, players will lose access to the Leviathan ship, Mars, Titan, Io, and Mercury. This is also Bungie’s way of delaying the development of Destiny 3 for several years because, for them to start the development of Destiny 3, they would have to discontinue work on Destiny 2.

Xbox Series X users can also rejoice in knowing that, not only will Destiny 2, not just the base game, but every single expansion, including Beyond Light, will be available on Xbox Game Pass. It’s warming the relationship between Bungie and Microsoft (who used to work with each other on the Halo series), as Bungie comes in as a third-party studio. We’re looking forward to seeing how Destiny is optimized on the Xbox Series X at 4k resolution and 60 frames per second.

Beyond Light will release on November 10th, 2020.

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