Death Stranding

Game Description

Death Stranding is a worldwide open adventure and action Video game developed by Kojima, PlayStation 4, and 505 Games. It was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Its Hideo Kojima first game since his deal with Konami ended in 2015. Actor Norman Reedus plays the critical character. The PlayStation 4 console was released on November 8, 2019, and is scheduled for Windows on July 14 2020.

At the E3 conference in June 2016, Sony officially revealed the title.

The Death Stranding Story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the realm of the living and that of the deceased are linked by an event known as Death Stranding. This fusion produced three things. The first is the Lost Beings (E.V.), dead souls stuck in the land of the living, who seek to carry humans to their afterlife. Secondly, El Declive (or Chronoluvia), a rain which speeds up the passage of time.

This meteorological phenomenon is due to the high amount of chemiral (matter from beyond) in the atmosphere, and it is not precisely known why it impacts matter in this manner. However, people believe it is due to the deep connection with La Playa that belongs to the declining areas. The third and last thing that came after death is the voids.

In this dystopian world, Sam Porter Bridges will have to traverse the U.S. from east to west, to link the nation to Chiral Network, a network that utilizes the coasts to send huge quantities of information immediately and so keep civilization from extinguishing.

But it’s not going to be so fast. Sam must fight the threats of the universe, such as the Lost Beings, the Destruction or the Voids.

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