Dead Space

Game Description

Dead Space is a third-person shooter with Survival Horror atmosphere, produced by the EA Redwood Shores (now Graphic Games). It is the first title in the Dead Space show, a computer games, comic books and movies chain. The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Desktop (Microsoft Windows) consoles were released in October 2008.

The story takes place inside the space extractor USG Ishimura. The crew is massacred by aliens, “necromorphs,” formed by an alien mode of existence. Isaac Clarke, the narrator, must face the “necromorphs.” The action takes place as a 3rd person shooter operated by Resident Evil 4. The atmosphere reminds you of the film Alien.

Most missions aim at screening the Ishimura decks to collect items and carry them through their radio link to certain points as directed by other supporting characters. During these visits, enemies strike us unforeseen and in through groups.

We use a technique called “strategic dismemberment” to counter the enemies. They must be dismembered to kill them. High accuracy is required because we must rip off the limbs of the opponent. For starters, legless enemies can start to crawl slowly with their weapons towards us.

The protagonist takes objects from the stage or from the eliminated enemies throughout the missions to improve his strength, oxygen or stay stagnant. You can get the ammunition for each of the guns available.

There are warehouses in certain points that allow the management of products in an RPG as usual. Items can be purchased, exchanged or deposited there to unlock the storage slots of the suit.

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