Dead Players Can Now Grab Non-Equipment Objects In Phasmophobia

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Dead Players Can Now Grab Non-Equipment Objects In Phasmophobia
Dead Players Can Now Grab Non-Equipment Objects In Phasmophobia

Finally, there is something for dead players to do in Phasmophobia other than floating around aimlessly waiting for their living teammates to finish the round. A recent update now allows players to grab various items in the game.

What Can Dead Players Grab In Phasmophobia?

Dead players can only pick up non-equipment items. That means players who were killed cannot grab items like:

Basically, any of the equipment from the truck are not eligible for players to grab. Players are able to grab other non-equipment items in the environment such as:

  • Plates
  • Utensils
  • Cans
  • Saws

Any item a poltergeist can move, a dead player can move too.

What’s The Point Of Allowing Dead Players To Move Objects In Phasmophobia?

Right now, moving objects as a dead player seems like more of a way for them to communicate with living players. However, they could get easily confused for a poltergeist or other ghost type that manipulates objects. However, with a lot of players organizing rounds outside of the game’s lobby and using Discord (which takes away from half the fun of the game), it’s easy for dead players to communicate via third-party voice chat.

However, we’re sure this change was just the developer’s way of testing out new features for more content or new game modes. Let’s hope more comes of this. For now, we’re satisfied with being able to throw things around, troll living members, or helping them locate the ghost’s location by throwing items around.

What have you been doing with this update?

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