Dead by Daylight

Game Description

Dead by Daylight is a survival horror game produced and released by Behaviour Interactive Studios. It was released for Microsoft Windows in June 2016, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in September 2019 and its ios version was released in April 2020.

It’s an online cooperative video game 1 vs 4 where four players perform the part of survivors and one of the murders. The goals of the video game are distinct, as well as the viewpoint of the two players, while the protagonists concentrate on surviving while the killer wants to find them and destroy them.

The Entity, a dark being from the ancient Net, wakes up from its lethargy whenever it is triggered through actions of great violence and malice. The murderers, primarily serial gunmen, are made real and convinced to follow their instructions. For The Entity to stay in life, it asks for sacrifices and for survivors to be hunted and killed. So that they can cultivate their faith and snatch their souls through their deaths, then, they return to existence to retake the exam, seeking to avoid forever.

Survivors are drawn into the universe created by The Entity as they step too close to the areas where the killers were brought, and they disappear without any sign of the real world. We finish in a desolate campfire, where they linger in studies until an assassin pursues them.

Each test is performed in a set of kingdoms created by The Entity from the surviving regions. The only way that survivors will survive is to restore a variety of generators spread in the kingdom and keep opening a big door to survive. Removing the grounds still brings survivors to the stake, and sacrifices can be burnt and offered on behalf of The Entity.