Dead by Daylight debuts Silent Hill DLC in a Gameplay

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Dead By Daylight - Silent Hill - Video Game
Dead By Daylight - Silent Hill - Video Game

A few weeks ago, the existence of Silent Hill DLC was confirmed. It went through the video game’s test server. Today, we can already confirm it: the Silent Hill DLC is now available in Dead by Daylight gameplay.

This is the official announcement by Behavior Interactive through its Twitter account. It has offered users the specific launch time of the additional content on all platforms, where there will be a simultaneous release.

How Silent Hill DLC Campaign Looks

Although both characters (Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason) could only be acquired at first through the in-game store with auric cells, you can also purchase the DLC at the Xbox Store for a price of 7, 99 dollars.

As we have mentioned, the content of Silent Hill for Dead by Daylight lets us play with the legendary Pyramid Head as a new assassin. This mythical villain will have the ability to torment survivors and move them to cages throughout the map instead of having to hang them on hooks manually.

Likewise, his secondary power allows him to execute a powerful forward attack to reach distant survivors, even through walls. The patch notes accompanying the release of the DLC have confirmed that there has been no character change since PTB, so for now at least Pyramid Head will work precisely the same as it did during the test server.

For the human part, Cheryl Mason has arrived with a pain custom skin that allows her to become (aesthetically) Lisa Garland, from the first Silent Hill. The collaboration between Konami and Behavior has also served to add a new map to Dead by Daylight inspired by Midwich Elementary School, with many nods to the Japanese horror saga. Likewise, Akira Yamaoka has participated in the composition of musical themes that accompany this DLC, which is now available on Xbox One and other platforms.

How to Play this Campaign

Dead by Daylight is working on all platforms – PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch. Its collaboration with Konami introduces content from Silent Hill in this asymmetric 4v1 multiplayer from Behavior Interactive. As recently announced, a new map is added -Midwich Elementary School, the Silent Hill school.

There will be a new survivor, Cheryl Mason/ Heather, and a new killer, Pyramid Head, who appeared in Silent Hill 2, and other sequels in the movies.

“For our fourth anniversary, we are collaborating with Konami to bring Silent Hill to Dead by Daylight, ” said director Mathieu Côté. “This is an intensely emotional moment for us,” says Côté, who describes the horror saga as a ” cultural reference, an essential part of video game history and now part of ours. You can see the affection for the license in many details of this chapter “.

For the first time, players will be able to customize their character with clothing inspired by the characters in the series, including Alessa Gillespie, Lisa Garland or Robbie the Rabbit. 

More than 23 million players

Dead by Daylight accumulates more than 23 million players on all platforms. Launched in 2016, it pits survivors against an assassin, taking advantage of licenses for slasher films. This collaboration comes precisely with the rumors of a new series by Sony Japan Studio for PS5.

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