Crusader Kings 3 Will Make Us More Bloodthirsty

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Crusader Kings 3 Will Make Us More Bloodthirsty
Crusader Kings 3 Will Make Us More Bloodthirsty

We may be sitting at our computers consuming chips and sugary drinks, but we would have made fine kings and generals in the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages were a ruthless time. Millions died by the sword, empires rose and fell, entire wars were fought over the smallest issues. It was a very bloodthirsty time.

Fortunately, Paradox Interactive brought us Crusader Kings III to satisfy our thirst for shaping empires through blood.

Crusader Kings III Is Keeping Us Glued To Our Seats

Crusader Kings III has been out for a little over a month, but we have somehow put over 25 million hours into the game. You can do the math because we don’t even want to know how many people it takes to put 25 million hours into a video game in a month. Even 25 million people playing the game for one hour doesn’t seem like a very plausible explanation.

In one month, Crusader King III players have managed to start over a million holy wars, cannibalize over a million prisoners (at least one of them being a Pope, don’t ask), birthed over 40 million children, and murdered over 18 million.

To say we are bloodthirsty would be an understatement. Of course, we’re going to see the introduction of Crusader King’s patch 1.1 to give us even more of a reason to sit at our chairs and murder virtual peasants.

What Changes Are In Crusader Kings III Patch 1.1?

Crusader Kings III patch 1.1 will bring several exciting changes to the game:

  1. Smarter AI
  2. New modding abilities
  3. Improvements to the user interface
  4. Balance changes from military management to nation formation
  5. Fixing the historical setup in some regions
  6. Harder Mongol invasions
  7. Bug fixes

You can see the full list of changes to Crusader Kings III patch 1.1 here.

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