Could Watch Dogs: Legion Get Delayed Again?

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Watch Dogs Legion
Watch Dogs Legion

When Watch Dogs: Legion was announced during E3 2019, many believed the release would be imminent. However, the release date was set for March of 2020, which wouldn’t have been too long of a wait. Unfortunately, Ubisoft delayed the game until its 2020-2021 fiscal year. Right now, the release date is set for October 2020, but could Watch Dogs: Legion get delayed again?

Watch Dogs: Legion looks like it’s a very ambitious game that has a lot of impressive features promised. One of the features is a more extensive multiplayer mode than expected. The first two Watch Dog games had plenty of multiplayer modes to play around with. Watch Dogs: Legion looks to expand on the different multiplayer modes from the first two games.

Watch Dogs: Legion – Gameplay Overview Trailer

While the multiplayer mode is plenty ambitious, Ubisoft’s most ambitious feature has been working on for Watch Dogs: Legion is making every character in the open-world playable. They won’t just be generic characters, either. Each character is going to be unique. You’ll be able to play every type of character from construction workers to ex-military. Each with their own individual personality. However, that means whichever protagonist gamers decide to play with only be mostly one-dimensional.

For example, playing as a construction worker offers intense melee combat with different construction tools. They’ll be able to get into some areas limited to only available to constructor workers. Playing as a paramedic gives players access to healing abilities. Seniors citizens, surprisingly, are jack-of-all-trades characters who are retired from different professions for other missions. For some, it’s one of the major selling points for Watch Dogs: Legion. It’s a very ambitious feature that might cause another delay.

Maybe it’s because of the global pandemic delaying all forms of media right now, or maybe its because the development team needs more time to refine every player’s abilities you can take control of in the open world. It’s going to feel like the world is truly alive in a sense. It wouldn’t make sense to scrap the feature now just to hit the release date in time. Ubisoft has already hyped up the main selling point of the game enough to where all we can do is hope they’ll be able to meet their October 29th release date.

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