Concerns About Lack Of Roadmap For Party Animals

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Party Animals came as quickly as it left, leaving us with such a great first impression that many are experiencing the stages of loss. However, the stages of loss range from all caps rage to denial. People were hooked as quickly as they are now mourning the loss of something they felt they never had the chance to appreciate.

The Demo Was Just That: A Free Limited-Time Demo

People aren’t grasping the concept of a free limited-time demo. There was no obligation from the developers to keep the demo running. Why burn people out so quickly before the game even comes out? The demo served its purpose at absolutely no cost to players other than their time and hard drive space. Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped people from throwing tantrums on the internet because they feel obligated to something they never “owned” in the first place.

The Real Concern Lies In The Lack Of A Developer Roadmap

Now, if you truly want a legitimate concern about Party Animals, it’s the fact that it doesn’t have a proper content roadmap for it. The developers simply dropped a demo, picked it back up, and have stayed relatively silent since then.

Their last update via Twitter was simply an image of them saying, “We’re working on it.”

This leaves some concerned about the trend of early access titles that Streamers hyperfocus on during development, only for them to die out because there’s no content roadmap for the future. The same thing happened with Among Us (although, Among Us a different situation). The game was released in 2018 and didn’t find success until streamers picked it up. Among Us’s developers scrambled to work on a sequel, only to scale it back and focus on content updates. However, the game is starting to die down a bit as far as any hype is concerned.

Kinetic Games approached their early access the right way, not only giving us an idea of what content will come in the future but giving us access to their Trello board, which lets us know exactly what they’re working on. They’ve also kept the community relatively active on Discord.

We want the same thing with Party Animals. It’s not an unreasonable request. What will they do once the game releases? How will they maintain it in the long-run? What are you hoping to see with the Party Animals game in the future?

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