Chapter 2: Seattle, Day 1 – The Last of Us 2 Complete Guide

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After the events of the previous chapter, “Prologue and Chapter 1: Jackson – The Last of Us 2 Complete Guide“, we can continue with the next one.

We are with Dina and Ellie on our way to Seattle in search of revenge, crossing the forest on horseback. When we reach a bus stop in the middle of the undergrowth, we must get off the horse to find the “Motivator” collectible card. Later, we will see some cars and a kind of caravan with another card: “The Starfire Kids “and the Seattle Map.

The Door

We continue until we reach a more open vertical area. We approached the garage door with some graffiti of the Wolves to make an entry in the newspaper.

We enter the caravan to find the note of a refugee and the note “Infographics of infected”in the other caravan. After that, we climbed over some trucks to some platforms and went to the other side with Ellie.

Before descending, we went up the ladder that leads to the top of the platform to find the Chessmaster collectible card and the note “Isaac’s Orders.”

To activate the generator to open the gate, we must pick up a bottle near a car and break the window of one of the caravans with it. There we will see a note: “Control point door codes.” At the back, we activate the generator, and we can collect the cable to take it to the socket located near the door to open it by pressing a button on a box right next to it.

After that, we can go to the big metal door to talk to Dina. To open it, we must go back to the cable and disconnect it to be able to throw it over the fence and pick it up on the other side.

Thus, it will reach the new socket, and we can power the command console that controls the opening of the door. There we enter the following code to open the main door: 0512.

Again with Dina, we continued until we found a closed door, for whose generator we must find gasoline. Before proceeding, we open a drawer in a booth in the middle of the area to see the FEDRA Census Document. To find gasoline, we must climb the horse and jump the spiked barrier to end up reaching an open space.


Here, we find a lot of interesting collectible items, so we go in order. For starters, if we go to the third block in the southernmost part, on James ST (we can guide ourselves on the map), we will find a kind of cave that leads to a bank. After finishing with the infected of the place, we can read the “note of a refugee “that is in one of their bodies to discover the key to the safe: 602306. Inside it, the shotgun, an “Ancient Ring “artifact ( from Sic Parvis Magna ) and a note.

We went outside and made our way to the third block between Colombia and Marion ST to climb up the collapsed building and find Doctor Uckmann’s collectible letter on top, in a desk drawer.

After that, we advance to the central block of that same Street (the one on the left on the map). Then, we head to the left side of the entrance to the building area (near a bus stop) to find a bag in the ground with the Letter of Isaac. We entered the nearby building to end up finding a Synagogue (after finishing with a series of infected in the stealth thanks to the grass).

Over there, we can have a conversation with Dina to learn about its origins and go around the place to end up finding empty gasoline can that we will take with us (we have to push the car to be able to go over the fence).

Before leaving the place, we push the car to one of the corners of the central room to be able to go up and collect some collectibles as a note “Memorandum of emergency protocols “(which will mark a superior location), a scroll to discuss with Dina and some pieces. To get to the other balcony, we used a rope and came to an office where we could find a note: “Letter from Rabbi Saunders,” some medicines, and the opportunity to be able to draw in the diary.

When we want to get out, we go on the scaffolding, and, once outside, we go up the ladders near the entrance to the place. There we found a stun bomb and ammunition for the magnum/revolver.

We continue to the central block between Madison and Spring ST (location marked by a nearby note), and there we will see a safe which code is 0451. Inside we find the collectible card “Flo.

We advance to the cafe located on the left side of the main entrance to the Courts and break the window to access its interior. There we will find a note from Mike, a collectible card “Big blue “and a collectible artifact: “Barko’s Pendant”(in the bathrooms) which in turn works as a key for a pet store located in the third square between Madison and Marion ST (in an alley). Inside we find the Wolves recruitment note, a map on a blackboard, a long weapon holster, and some supplies.

If we go to the upper right area on the map and go down the road until we reach the bottom of the streets, we can find a truck in the middle of the river and open its back door to see the “Note for the informant.” We can also head to the Valiant Music Store located on the 5th between Marion and Madison ST.

Over there, we found the Das Wort collectible card in a counter drawer and the possibility of experiencing a single scene if we went upstairs and played the guitar for Dina. Before going down, we went out on the balcony of the upper floor and advanced along with the platform to the second “guardhouse.”

There awaits us the note “Street drawing. “And we can also make an entry in Ellie’s journal by drawing Shimmer. If we go a little further, we can find a cloth store with a weapons work table inside and an infected measurement device to observe.

To continue with the main mission, we went to the back of the Courts. It is marked with a parking P in the corner on the map. We enter and advance, ending the enemies that we meet until we can descend to the lower floor. Once there, we must break a window with the help of a bottle to find a “Survival Guide” preparation manual and a machete in the room. The place safe code is 860722.

To continue, we must go to the elevator shaft and jump to grab the descending rope. Once downstairs, we clear the parking lot flooded with enemies, and we can fill the tank with gasoline before leaving the place (by operating a chain next to the metal blinds.

By having the gasoline, we can go back to the generator to fill it and open Fredra’s door, entering code 5345. We continue until we find another door and to find its code we must go up through the container on the right side of the place. We clean the interior of enemies and observe the dead soldiers we see, as well as pick up materials. When we go upstairs, we will see a scene after which we discover the code: from the door east 1: 7302.

Eastbrook School

We continue there with the horse until kinematics arises, and we see that they have set us up. When we regain control, we must get rid of the ties and end the human enemies that we see.

Remember that each bullet counts and that we can duck and crawl on the ground to go unnoticed in grassy areas or on the roof under the panels of sunlight.

We continue until we enter a room, and there, we can exit through an open window at the top. From the roof, we will see a car with patrol dogs, and we will have to jump to a nearby balcony. In there we jump the fallen furniture to get to a bedroom where we can find the “Cardio” collectible card. We return to the balcony and jump to the bottom to reach a somewhat more open area. There we can advance until we find a group of enemies that are looking for us.

To be continued..Chapter 2: Seattle, Day 1 Part 2 – The Last of Us 2 Complete Guide

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