Chapter 2: Seattle, Day 1 Part 2 – The Last of Us 2 Complete Guide

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The last of us 2 capitol hill collectibles guide workbench
The last of us 2 capitol hill collectibles guide workbench

We pick up where we left off, “Chapter 2: Seattle, Day 1 Part 2 – The Last of Us 2 Complete Guide“. We continue.

Capitol Hill

We can destroy the roof of the building and go unnoticed without killing the rest, to avoid wasting bullets. After arriving at a gas station, we will see a work table where we can improve our weapons inside.

There are more enemies out there, so watch out for them. We continued until we reached a bookstore in front of the gas station, and inside we found the stealth training manual, the note “Rebecca’s clue,” and the collectible card “Doctor Stem. ” We can also find, ” Sargeant Frost ” in the grocery store that we can access by jumping down from the roof, near a basketball court.

To continue with the primary mission, we must find a checkpoint where a few enemies await us. It is located near a cashier and a beagles store (through which we can go to the top), so you can locate yourself.

Once the area was cleared, we went up the ladders and entered the building where even more enemies await us. We went out on the other side and propelled Dina to the top of a truck to continue on our way and see a TV station in the distance.

We go down, and shortly we will see that an infected explodes due to a cable trap. So, we must watch where we go so as not to activate them.

In the nearby building, we find a new collectible card, “Candelabra. ” We continue until we come out to a new open area and before moving up the stairs that we find on the right to find a note at the top: “Doodles of the tower.”

Another note awaits us in the back of a truck (near the collapsed road and the mural): ” Raúl’s Report. ” Soon we will see a scene in which we find a dead horse of Tommy and when advancing enough a new zone of traps.

To avoid them, we must climb over the bonnets of the cars and throw a bottle or brick at the gym window to avoid going through the area where there are cables. We recommend going little by little and watching all our steps to avoid accidentally exploding. Inside the place, we will find the note “Rejection of Fran ” and a new work table to improve weapons.

We proceed carefully until we enter another building where a collectible card, “Bizzarebra,” awaits us and the reminder note from the second-hand store, which gives us a code hint of the safe that is in the same place: 550133.

We went out and opened the back of a truck (with a painted mural) to continue being careful not to activate the traps. Unless it was intentionally throwing a brick, we do it this way until we get to the TV station.

Channel 13

To enter, we must climb up to the roof. We take a rope that comes out of one of the windows to access the interior of the building.

Once there, we continue until we find a ventilation duct (we can see it by a cable there.) Then, we enter to reach a larger room. From there, we just have to go up to the upper floor and advance until we come out to a kind of balcony where we will find a circular window through which we must pass little by little to enter the building again. There we found a collectible letter “Kimimela ” and on the top floor the note “Motivational talk of dad. “

When we find Leah’s body and a few photos and information, we will have to escape from the place suddenly plagued by enemy Wolves. We recommend going in stealth so that we are not suddenly detected until we reach the bottom floor and follow the ground cables to get outside.


Once there, a short flight sequence will begin in which we have to run and make our way until we reach a place with spores and reddish lighting. That place is ideal for making the enemies face each other (human Wolves and snappers) by drawing the attention of the latter by throwing a brick or something against the others.

Thus, we can make our way until we reach a subway and cross it to continue (in the background, we find the “journal entry”). Soon we will see a scorched dead man and a fence.

We climb to the top with the help of ladders, and there we will see a work table to improve weapons. Before descending, we pull the cable that is on the ground above the pipe to use the rope and propel ourselves to the platform in front.

From there, we take the door on the right and a ventilation duct to go downstairs to meet Tambaleantes, a new type of very dangerous infected that will attack us with fire. It is recommended to avoid them and move forward without being seen since they are very resistant until you reach a blind that we can climb with the help of a chain.

Later, we must go through the door on the right-hand side before moving towards the bottom.

Over there, we will find an artifact, “carved statue” (next to the door), the collectible letter “Dr. Daniela Star ” (as we dragged ourselves under some desks), a “wardrobe note” that gives us the clue to break a vending machine and find one with another of the closed-door combination: 15243. Inside, there are only a few material resources.

We continue along the main corridor and descend to a flooded area where there are a couple of Wobbly people and as many other runners. We must go up on the right-hand side and proceed until we reach a red double door through which to cross to get out of there. We advance through a series of ruined trains until we reach an area with the infected where we will have to run until we go outside and enter a theater to rest.


After the conversation with Dina, we can explore the place inside and find a note: “Cassandra Program. ” We went upstairs to find two other documents: ” Diary of a solitary FEDRA soldier n ° 1 and n ° 2 “.

In the second room, we will see a kind of radio without power, so we will have to go outside through the window and activate the generator on the ceiling. We go back downstairs, and when trying to activate the radio, Ellie will end up hitting her and discovering some keys underneath.

We go back, and before going down, we advance to the end of the hall that turns to find the collectible card “Beyond.” As we descend and pass through the door, we will come to a theater. We have to advance until we find the guitar and see a scene that will take us to the past.

The Birthday Gift

With Ellie from 3 years ago, we must accompany Joel to present us with a surprise. We follow her until we get to the dinosaur museum and pick up a hat on one of the shelves at the entrance, so we can put it on Joel later (after passing it through a couple of dinosaur heads). Once in the room with the Triceratops, we advance to the bathroom area to collect the collectible card “The Nighthawk.” At the top, we approach the benches to draw in the newspaper, and when we try on an astronaut helmet and approach the central nave, we will see a scene.

After that, we went outside and jumped into the water to end up entering another building. Once inside, we advance to the circular room to find the collectible card “Saura” under a bench.

We continue until we cross a dark area and find the ” suicide note ” next to a corpse. Soon, we will see a small scene and the chapter will end, continue to the next; “All Artifacts and Trading Cards you Can Find on The Last of Us 2: Chapter 3“.

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