Celebrate Your Victories In Destiny 2 During Solstice Of Heroes

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Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes Small
Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes Small

Just like every year, Bungie has decided to brighten the summer of Destiny 2 users with new news about the future of the franchise. While the events of the Season of the Visitors continue to unfold, and the company talks about the new content recycling system that will arrive from November, the game has announced a new edition of Solstice of Heroes.

From its official website, Bungie has confirmed that next August 11 is the date chosen for the start of Solstice of Heroes. It is an event that will be available until September 8.

Along with the Solstice of Heroes, the European Aerial Zone (EAZ) also returns, where the guardians will face the Hive, the Cabal, and the Fallen. Once they have defeated their enemies, the area’s treasure chests will be able to grant pieces of Solstice of Heroes armor.

What the Solstice of Heroes Event Has to Offer

Eva Levante returns to the Tower to encourage the Guardians to come together and celebrate the resistance of humanity’s leading defenders. All Guardians who complete Eva’s “Solstice Begins” adventure will unlock a free Solstice of Heroes theme song that they can earn from their Bungie Rewards accounts.

We can only enter this event in a cooperative mode of three players. Here, the more enemies we defeat, the better the rewards.

One of the great features of this event is the new cosmetic items that players can acquire. For this occasion, players will be able to get new exclusive equipment that they can purchase using the corresponding item type each day.

Every 24 hours, the elements you can use will rotate. So, we will have to combine weapons, solar, arc, and vacuum abilities. Every time we improve our armor, it will shine with more intensity until reaching Mastery status. This way, other players will be able to know our triumphs throughout the event.

Those looking to increase their Power level will need to collect Solstice Key Fragments to unlock Solstice Packs. It contains powerful gear and new armor upgrades. The Solstice Heroes also comes with two more wins, which will have to progress in moments of triumph.

In the Tower, Tess Everis will also have new universal designs. Along with a new finish, it has new accessories and new gestures. These comprehensive designs will make any legend armor look similar to the Solstice armor and include a class-specific glow.

Why You Don’t Want to Miss This Event

Finally, not everything will be based solely on aesthetics, since the event can raise the player’s Light level. By obtaining fragments of the Solstice key, players will be able to get new powerful equipment.

It will be an essential help to obtain the maximum level of Light to access competitive activities that require it. Plus, Triumph collectors are in luck as two new Triumphs are added to the roster.

Next Tuesday, the long-awaited event will start. So you can warm up your skills for the next expansion.

We remind you that Destiny 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia, besides having recently confirmed their presence for the next generation of consoles, with enhanced versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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  1. Solstice of Heroes is coming up this week, so it’s timely that I got informed on this as I can join in! It’s nice of them to at least let it run for a month til Sept. Hopefully the freebies are gonna be great and worth the wait, haha. 😀

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