Can You Still Do The Counter Glitch In Phasmophobia?

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Can You Still Do The Counter Glitch In Phasmophobia

The counter glitch, one many players, used to make hunting ghosts trivial, may have been patched in a recent update. However, there are some who claim they are still able to do it in some spots to get on top of a table or counter.

What Was The Counter Glitch?

Phasmophobia Counter Glitch

With the counter glitch, players were able to avoid ghosts from the safety of a counter, cupboard, kitchen sink, or table. This was especially helpful for ghosts who roomed in kitchens or bathrooms. While it was helpful to have a safe place to drop sanity or take a photo of a ghost when they hunted, it took the fear out of the game entirely, knowing the ghost was unable to harm you.

How Were You Able To Do The Counter Glitch?

Phasmophobia Counter Glitch 2

To do the counter glitch, the player had to back themselves up to an open cupboard or counter. You would then have to open the door until it began to glitch and lift you up to safety. For cupboards, it’s as easy as simply closing the door without having to worry about glitching it, so you’re stuck inside the cupboard.

Players used this exploit to stay safe away from ghosts while they waited for them to hunt. It made Phasmophobia a bit trivial.

Are You Still Able To Do This Glitch?

Counter Glitch In Phasmophobia

Unfortunately, it looks like the cupboard and counter glitch was patched out of the game. The glitch was removed in the beta version last month but was still usable in the stable alpha build. However, as of the patch on 12/11/2020, Kinetic Game announced players are no longer able to collide with cabinet doors, removing the exploit of being able to stand on top of counters.

There are still some who claim they are still able to do so, but we haven’t been able to find any in any of the current locations. We’re still testing some areas in the Prison map, but we’ll have to wait and see what future locations will bring as far as exploits.

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