Can You Spare The Doctor In Little Nightmares II?

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Can You Spare The Doctor In Little Nightmares II

The Doctor is the third major enemy in Little Nightmares II, but you don’t encounter him until later in the hospital. While working on his grotesque life work, the doctor cares very much about his patients, and he won’t accept anything less than perfection. Even in the morgue, the doctor does his best to keep his patient alive when Mono shuts the power off.

Little Nightmares II Can Six and Mono avoid the hospital doctor

There’s no real reason to believe the doctor is doing anything but minding his own business except for when he grabs Six and Mono if he discovers them tampering with his work.

Little Nightmares II Hospital last part is a chase

However, at the end of the hospital is when the Doctor gives chase to Mono and Six.

Little Nightmares II The last part suggest to lock the doctor in incinerator

At the end of the chase, Six suggests mono jump into the incinerator.

Little Nightmares II Hospital Doctor will keep chasing Mono

The doctor will jump in to chase after Mono.

Little Nightmares II Will you spare the doctor live in the Hospital part

However, there’s a small opening for Mono to crawl out of as the pair traps the doctor inside. You can pull the lever down and kill the doctor by burning him alive, but do you need to do it to progress through Little Nightmares II?

Can You Spare The Doctor In Little Nightmares II - Yes you can

If you felt you were wronged in some way by the doctor, you can torch him. Six will watch his death through the small hole as he burns alive. However, if you have a soft spot in your heart for a man who just wanted to focus on his life’s work, you can keep him trapped there and continue on to the elevator in the background.

Can You Spare The Doctor In Little Nightmares II Yes you can

So if you’re wondering if you can spare the Doctor in Little Nightmares II, yes, you can.

How to get achievement: First Do No Harm

You’ll get this achievement by trapping the doctor in the incinerator but not pull the switch. You can leave using the elevator.

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