Can You Preload The Medium Game On Steam?

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Can You Preload The Medium Game On Steam

There’s plenty of reasons why someone would want to preload a game ahead of time, and many Steam users are wondering if they’re able to preload The Medium before its release on January 28th.

Why Preload The Medium?

The Medium Video Game PreLoad Steam Announcement

Pre-loading offers nothing but saving time. Once The Medium goes live, you won’t need to worry about waiting through a hefty install (especially those with slower internet). This allows players to start playing the game instantly once the game is released. This is mostly useful for those who don’t have very fast internet speeds and don’t want to wait a long time to start playing.

The Medium Is Available For Preload On Xbox Game Pass

The Medium Video Game Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass subscribers are able to preload the game already. Even those who pre-ordered the game through the Microsoft Store are able to preload The Medium game for their devices, but what about Steam users?

Can Steam Players Preload The Medium?

The Medium Video Game Dual Reality Example

The Medium game’s developers are still considering whether they want to make the game available for preload. They’ve stated earlier in January that the decision will be made soon. However, with a preload available on the MS Store (and not Steam), many are wondering what’s taking so long to have preload available.

As of right now, preload for The Medium game is still not available for Steam users.

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