Can You Hide In Ghost Hunters Corp?

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Can You Hide In Ghost Hunters Corp

As Phasmophobia veterans, we are used to hiding from the ghosts in lockers, closets, or trying to line of sight them behind furniture. The ghosts in Phasmophobia also give us ample warning that they’re about to hunt. For most ghosts, that’s eating up a crucifix, hunting below a certain sanity level, and even flashing every available light when they’re seeking blood.

Ghost Hunters Corp When Ghost Hunting becomes fatal

However, there’s very little tell when the ghosts in Ghost Hunters Corp begin hunting. The only warnings you get are a heartbeat, hallucinations, and the danger detector. Unfortunately, by the time you’re alerted to the ghost hunting, you’re more than likely seconds from death, so is there anywhere you can hide in Ghost Hunters Corp?

Where Can You Hide In Ghost Hunters Corp?

Ghost Hunters Corp Where To Hide

We’ve walked around entire maps in Ghost Hunters Corp looking for any semblance of hiding spots. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like hiding (anywhere else but the truck) is an option on any of these maps, so how can you survive a ghost hunt if there’s nowhere to really hide in Ghost Hunters Corp?

How Can You Survive A Hunt In Ghost Hunters Corp?

Ghost Hunters Corp Surviving A Ghost Attack

Ghost Hunters Corp gives you the crucifix and the statue Marie. Depending on the type of ghost you’re dealing with, they are blocked by these items (but it doesn’t last forever). Placing the statue Marie on the floor, especially in front of the door, gives you a chance to sprint out to the safety of the truck. Holding the crucifix in your hand or placing it on the floor will scare off certain ghost types. Unfortunately, these protections will wear off after it saves your butt a number of times, so get what you need to find and rid the location of the ghost once and for all.

Have you found any hiding spots in Ghost Hunters Corp?

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