Can You Call The Waking Child “OMORI?”

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Can You Call The Waking Child OMORI
Can You Call The Waking Child OMORI

After your second time through the White Space, you’ll wake up from the dream.

Omori Game Stab To Wake Up

The disturbing way to escape the White Space the second time is to stab yourself.

Omori Game Handdrawn Characters

After stabbing yourself, you’ll get a short cutscene before you awaken as a child. However, you’ll have the option to rename the child.

The child’s default name is “Sunny,” but can you rename it “Omori?”

Can You Rename The Child Omori?

Omori Game The Child Names Omori

If you haven’t figured it out by now. The waking child after the second time in the White Space is Omori. However, Omori is his name in the dream world where he was with his friends Basil, Hero, Aubrey, and Kel.

However, if you try to rename the child to Omori, the game wouldn’t allow you to.

You’re also unable to name the child any of the other main characters in the game:

  • Hero
  • Basil
  • Aubrey
  • Kel

What Should You Name The Waking Child?

Omori Game Omori Or Sunny As Childs Name

You can keep the child’s name “Sunny.” However, you can put almost any name there without any issues (as long as it fits within the given character limit). If you’re not one to break immersion, then you could avoid naming the child after yourself unless you want the character to be a reflection of yourself. However you want to headcanon, the main character is up to you, but if you want to keep things the way it is, just confirm the name “Sunny.”

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