What Is New With Warzone Season 6?

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What Is New With Warzone Season 6
What Is New With Warzone Season 6

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 is here, and there are a couple of new changes to this free-to-play battle royale.

  • New Battle Pass
  • New maps
  • New fast-travel system
  • The addition of Nikolai and Farah
  • Self-revives in loot
  • New music tracks
  • A new assault rifle and marksman rifle
  • Armored royale mode

Everyone loves a new season of a multiplayer game. Seasons for a competitive multiplayer game allows developers to make any necessary changes to the game while adding more content. These updates also come with balance changes and sometimes even resetting ranks to enable new players to have a chance at the top.

When it comes to what is new with Warzone season 6, one of the more exciting additions has to be the Armored Royale. Have you ever noticed one of the first things people go for in Warzone battles is the armor? There’s nothing like being inside of armored equipment capable of Michael Bay levels of destruction. Armored Royale is basically juggernaut mode with tanks.

The fast-travel system that’s new with Warzone season 6 allows players to ride trains around the map and quickly get from one place to another. Yes, in the middle of epic firefights and war, it’s good to know we can jump onto a train to get behind enemy lines. However, that doesn’t mean you can lay down your rifle, tip down your hat, and take a nap; the trains can stop if there’s any fighting in or around the platforms. There are also available ladders in case you need to get street-side quickly. This fast-travel system makes for a different approach to Warzone matches in season 6.

Warzone season 6 comes with some significant changes, and we’re excited about some of them while being skeptical about the others. Which Warzone season 6 changes do you like?

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