Call of Duty: Black Ops

Game Description

Black Ops is the latest version in the world’s most popular computer game franchise, Call in Duty. It was smashed off all selling milestones last year due to Modern Warfare 2. Black Ops immerses us during the historical Cold War in the world of covert operations. The thrilling adventure that, thanks to its magnificent film, we must take on a job as Special Operations soldier, in different parts of the world, including Laos, Vietnam, or the Ural Mountains, leaves us breathless.

The story of the game is during the Cold War (mainly during the Vietnam War). The main protagonist is Alex Mason, SOG, and CIA agent. However, the player takes on the position of multiple characters throughout the game’s campaign that introduces the shift of viewpoint in the plot. The plot seems to be a little brief but really strong and with a fantastic script.

It’s indeed a very primary variant of the story, but certain specifics already indicate the Treyarch hand, at least concerning the scenarios.

Additionally, a photo of the potential official emblem and the final name has been released, in which only Black Ops can be identified. This has led to numerous rumors about the game ‘s content. Some bet because the first black ops are easy to adapt. Others promise that they intend to explain things to the media, but it would be entirely new.

In principle, there will be 10 maps at the time the game launches. However, they will be expanded over the weeks, the same thing that has happened in previous games in the saga.

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