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Blue Fire Video Game

When you first start up the video game Blue Fire on Steam, it’s looks standard trying to navigate the menu. The startup menu and setting the keyboard controls is pretty straight forward.

But, if you want to play with the keyboard, you’ll need to know the keyboard commands.

What Are The Controls For Blue Fire?

Blue Fire Video Game Keyboard Controls

Blue Fire has the following keyboard controls:

  • Move (WADS)
  • Pause (Keyboard P)
  • Move Camera (Keypad)
  • Jump (Spacebar)
  • Inspect (Keyboard E)
  • ??? (Programmable key)
  • Attack (double tap on keypad)
  • ?? (programmable key)
  • Emote Menu  (Keyboard 4)
  • Quick Emote (Keyboard 1)
  • Dash (Alt-Key) (Rushing forward)
  • Lock (Keyboard Tab)
  • Switch Lock Target (Keyboard Q)
  • ??? (Programmable key)
  • Restore Health (Keyboard 3)
  • Restore To Defaults

You can program the controls in Blue Fire below the first horizontal separator to your wish.

Use whichever keyboard control configuration makes you comfortable in Blue Fire and move faster in the game.

Blue Fire Crashed during exit

Blue Fire Video Crashed During Exit

Blue Fire crashed after game for the first time during exit. To be specific the unreal engine reports the following error: Exception_Access_Violation reading a memory address.

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