Game Description

Bloodborne is an original Video game developed by the developer of Evil Souls and Demon’s Hearts, Hidetaka Miyazaki. Like others, it is an event and a role-playing game in which confrontations against difficult enemies reign. The environment lies between Gothic and Apocalyptic and takes us to a steampunk world of firearms and fantastic creatures.

A few months before its publication, the title was revealed. The first reports were that in May 2014, a game named Project Beast was played. Weeks later on, it was announced at E3 as Bloodborne, which was an outstanding exclusive PS4 in March 2015.

Bloodborne takes us to Yharnam, an old city whose people have been infected by a mysterious blood disorder. We play the “Finder,” who has to search for an elusive liquid named Pale Blood to solve puzzles and battle all sorts of monsters.

Bloodborne, like the Demon’s Souls and Evil Hearts, incorporates a rigorous fighting structure in which we are to deal with the hits of difficult opponents and fight wisely not to lose our strength before time.

Bloodborne is the latest RPG Action Game from the PlayStation 4 program formerly named the Project Beast. Located in Victorian London in the 19th century, we are met in the purest form of Souls saga with all manner of beasts and demons, yeah, more aggressive combat, and a degree of complexity that is suitable even to the bravest.

The game is playable, challenging but fair, it has a lot of weapons, and you can play in very different ways depending on what type of player you are.

The design of enemies is brutal, a great artistic direction in this aspect. All the designs are very memorable, and I still remember the design of most of the bosses despite carrying enough without playing it.

Game Information

Genres: Action role-playing
Released: November 17, 2020
Modes: Single-player, Multi-player
Age Rating: 18
Platform: Playstation 4
Publisher: FromSoftware


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